The Minor in International Relations provides an essential insight into how we make sense of the political world, and provides a comparative cultural, economic, historical, and political analysis of how international systems have evolved and functioned.

Programme Structure

Minor in International Relations
US Credits
UK Credits
TWO of the following: 6 12
INR 3100 World Politics    
INR 4100 Intro to IR    
INR 4101 Global Politics in the C21st    
12 US credits or more from the following: 12+ 24+
CRM 5400 Terrorism and Counterterrorism    
INR 5105 International Human Rights    
INR 5101 Conflict & Conflict Resolution    
INR 6105 Security Studies    
INR 6102 Politics of International Law    
INR 6104 Peace and Justice    
Minor Requirements 18+ 36+


 Richmond prepared me for my career path through broadening my worldview which has been essential to my professional and personal development.