The Minor in Communications provides insight into mass media and communications and how culture can affect communications. Your last two courses in the minor can be chosen from Marketing and Public Relations, Media Production or Media Studies; giving you flexibility to follow your interests and aspirations.

Programme Structure

Minor in Communications
US Credits
UK Credits
TWO of the following: 6 24
COM 3100 Foundations of Mass Media & Communication
COM 4100 Intercultural Communications
COM 4115 Digital Society
AVC 4205 Introduction to Visual Culture
plus FOUR of the following: Minimum of 12 Minimum of 48
COM 5200 Mass Communications & Society
COM 5205 Cultural Theory
COM 5215 Political Communications
COM 6101 New Media
COM 6110 Senior Project
Minor Requirements 18 72


For the past several weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of working for Mama & Company…I loved being able to work behind-the-scenes with such an amazing team of creative people, but my favourite part of the whole experience was definitely seeing our work in action.

Annabelle Gagnon