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Student Complaints and Appeals

Situations may arise where a students are dissatisfied with an aspect of their academic experience at Richmond. The University welcomes feedback from students–if there is a genuine problem, Richmond officials need to be informed about it in order to respond.

There are several procedures in place for specific academic situations that are outlined in the University’s Catalogue to help students in selecting the appropriate route to address an issue. If you are in doubt about the correct avenue to follow, please consult with your academic advisor, the appropriate Associate Dean of their School, the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Academic Registar.

*You may wish to refer to the following supporting documents as you put together your Academic Appeal.
Academic Progress Committee Petition Form
Attendance Failure (FA) Appeal-Application-Form
Academic Appeal Application Form
Student-friendly Flow Chart of Academic Appeal Processes
Mitigating circumstance guidance for Attendance

For further guidance on any of the above University procedures, please contact Student Affairs at