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Undergraduate & Postgraduate Integrated Internships in the UK and overseas

Mission Statement

The Careers & Internships Office supports and empowers current students and alumni in their pursuit of opportunities spanning employment, self-employment, academia, volunteering and internships.
The Office aims to facilitate a wide range of activities and resources in an efficient and effective manner, utilizing both personable face-to-face support as well as on online platforms. In addition, the Office shall build on the accessible, proactive and innovative reputation of the wider Student Affairs department.

What is an internship?

An internship is a period of work experience offered by employers to give students and new graduates exposure into the working environment, often within a specific industry. Richmond internships are supervised, career-related work experiences, combined with reflective academic study that help students apply theoretical knowledge in the workplace. They are academically-accredited work placements carried out over an 8/9 week period, and worth 6 academic credits.

Benefits of doing an internship

An internship provides students with exposure to the demands of specific jobs in specific sectors and allows students to learn from professionals in their chosen field. The practical skills and experience that students gain by carrying out an internship not only provide a taste of what it would be like to work in a given sector, but it also greatly increases a student’s employability in an ever-competitive job market.  As a student on Richmond’s Internship Programme, you will have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in the workplace, make contacts which may prove valuable to your future employment prospects, and gain confidence in your capabilities, creativity and communication skills – all while gaining 6 academic credits that will count towards your Degree.

International Internship Opportunities

Our for-credit internship programme enables students to gain academic credit whilst gaining a practical insight into employment. The Careers & Internships Office supports students in securing placements both at home and abroad. The Office works with international partners to offer structured programmes in Argentina, China, South Africa, Italy, Spain and Ireland. In addition, students can secure placements on their own but the internship placement must be approved by the Internship Office in advance in order to gain academic credit.

This is the most beneficial internship I’ve completed. At Zest Media, they really incorporate interns in almost every area of the company.

My internship has definitely forced me to grow up faster, but I feel like I’m more knowledgeable in different cultures both outside and in the work environment that I wouldn’t have been able to experience solely working in America.

My internship taught me a lot about the working life in London and it enabled me to know what to expect after graduation. It also made the vision of what I want to do in the future more clearly.

I was given a lot of responsibilities so I had a taste of what it is like to work in different areas. In general, just working with a team and learning to communicate regularly with everyone was the biggest benefit I got from the experience.

Contact us

For information on internships please feel free to contact our team. Office open hours are Monday to Friday – 9am-5pm GMT.

Cecile Loyen
International Internship Coordinator

or contact:
Daniel O’Meara
Associate Dean for Student Support & Career Services

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Using the Careers & Internships Office as a Resource

Undergraduate students are welcomed and encouraged to search for internships on their own however, students can contact the Career & Internship office for assistance on their internship/job search, CV/ cover letter reviewing and help, 1-to-1 interview preparation sessions, support and advice.

Students also have the opportunity to study across 5 continents through our partners Connect123 and CRCC Asia and Absolute Internship with destinations in Spain, Argentina, South Africa, Columbia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Sweden, Canada, Portugal and Australia.

Current students are also encouraged to take advantage of our university resources by heading to our Careers Portal via the link below.

Graduate Destinations

The employment rate of Richmond undergraduates is 93% and on average, students go on to find permanent employment within six months of graduating. We have graduates at EY, KPMG, PwC, Bloomberg, Black Rock, UBS, Google, IBM, House of Commons, US Homeland Security, Vice Media, NBC News, Al Jazeera, Buzzfeed and many more.
Our Alumni network has a far reach in all corners of the world. Students can work with our Careers & Internships Office in conjunction with our Alumni Office to make connections in the industry that they want to get into.

Contact us:

For further information on graduate internships please feel free to contact our team. The Careers & Internships Office is located at Atlantic House in our Kensington Campus.

1 St Albans Grove
W8 5PN

Office open hours are Monday to Friday – 9am-5pm GMT.

Cecile Loyen
International Internship Coordinator
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7368 8508

Daniel O’Meara
Associate Dean for Student Support and Career Services
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7368 8511