Employers’ Guide to Internships

What is a Richmond internship?
A Richmond internship is a supervised, work-based learning placement that, combined with reflective, academic study, enables students to apply theoretical knowledge in the workplace and to develop employability skills in the process.
Available to Junior or Senior (3rd or 4th year) students in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, Richmond internships normally last for 8 or 9 weeks.  During their placement, students receive the support of a nominated supervisor in the workplace, as well as the guidance and mentorship of a member of the university’s academic team.  The programme has been designed to enable both the placement organisation and the student to gain benefit and to have sufficient time to work on valuable and constructive projects.
The Students
Students at Richmond are bright, motivated and eager to learn. Selected on the basis of their strong academic record and their personal qualities, Richmond interns are also familiar with the mainstream computer programs and many of them are multi-lingual. As the programme works mainly with students who are close to completing their degrees, the majority of interns are knowledgeable about their specialist area and therefore able to make a meaningful contribution to an organisation’s work. Being more mature also means that students on the programme are more focused on their careers and on creating opportunities to broaden their connections.
As the internship is a credit-bearing academic course, students on the programme do not require a full work visa – even if they are non-EU nationals.  Non-EU students on a Tier 4 visa are legally permitted to complete a full-time, work-related course, as long as it counts towards their academic studies. A copy of the student’s passport and visa can be provided for your records upon request.
What happens next?
If you are interested in accessing the support of high-calibre, motivated student interns, please contact Cécile Loyen, Internship Coordinator, for information about how to get involved.

Employer Feedback about the Programme

Employer, Intelligent Partnership Summer 2017
“We are continually impressed by the standard of interns supplied and very happy with the administration prior to the start and through to the finish”  
Employer, Go Mammoth, Summer 2017
“It has been a positive experience again- adding great value to both students and our business”
Employer, Simbiotik, Summer 2017
“Very good, smooth, simple process + great intern!”
Employer, ITF Global, Spring 2017
“I’ve enjoyed the internship programme and I think it’s a really good opportunity for students to be able to try to put in to practice what they have learnt in school in a working environment”
Employer, IHS Markit, Spring 2017
“Excellent. Very smooth, easy and efficient process.”
Employer, Taulia, Spring 2017
“We have thoroughly enjoyed having an intern at Taulia, always enthusiastic, flexible, and fun to teach and be around, plus we have benefitted massively from the work and tasks completed in such a short time. We would definitely like to have another intern in future.”
Employer, Time and Leisure magazine, Fall 2016
The Internship Programme has been great and we’d love to have another student.”
Employer, Richmond Theatre, Fall 2016
“It’s a really valuable programme and one I would like to keep”
Employer, Proud Galleries, summer 2016
Very easy and ‘user friendly’. All communication has been smooth and swift and any issues were dealt with immediately.”
Employer, Belle and Bunty London, Summer 2016
It’s been really easy and simple. Great experience and great students”
Employer, National Music Promoter, Spring 2016
“I found the programme unobtrusive and concise.  Both students and staff were a pleasure to work with”
Employer, Fashion & Beauty PR, Spring 2016
“Really great experience.  We would love to continue working with Richmond going forwards and are keen to have future interns”

Employer, Economics Think Tank, Summer 2015
“I have found working with this programme to be a real pleasure.  The quality of interns is high and the administration is effective and efficient.”

Employer, International Publisher, Spring 2015
“I love the programme. It’s a great programme and all the students, without exception, have contributed a lot to our department.  I’m more than happy to stay involved and I do hope the students benefit from the experience.”

Employer, International Market Research Company, Spring 2014
“The programme is extremely interesting, the most considerable aspect is that you follow the process step by step, and you accompany the interns throughout their journey”.