UK/EU International United States
Undergraduate Programmes £9,250* £14,500 $38,000
RIASA (Leeds and London) £15,000 £18,500 £18,500
Visiting Students (Semester) £4,625 £7,250  
Part-time Undergraduate £4,625    
*Based on OFS approved fee HE provider’

Which tuition fees do I pay?

UK/EU Students
If you are an EU citizen and have been ordinarily resident in the EEA for the previous three years then you are entitled to Home/EU fees. You are also entitled to apply for our Chancellor’s Scholarship which can save you up to 33% on your fees. University Scholarships are available for the 2019 start date.

International Students
If you are a citizen of a non-EU country or are an EU citizen but have been ordinarily resident outside the EEA for the previous three years then you will pay International fees. International students are required to pay 40% of their tuition fee as a deposit prior to the issue of CAS, 20% at Enrolment and the remaining 40% by 1 December. University Scholarships are available for the 2019 start date.

US and North American Students
If you are resident in the US or applying from North America, then you can choose to pay your fees in US $ or GBP £. University Scholarships are available to those paying in US $.

RIASA- Richmond International Academic Soccer Academy
For students entering the RIASA programme, which is based in Leeds, UK. Please visit the RIASA website for detailed information pertaining to the costs of the programme. RIASA Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2018/19

Summer Courses/Overloading – per credit

Summer international internships are charged at 4 US credit hours, but students who successfully complete the course, will receive 6 US credits in total. Students who opt to take an internship during the fall or spring term, do not pay in addition to their full time course fees.
  GBP £
Taken in 2019/2020 academic year £500