• Tuition Fee

    £9,250.00 (UK/EU)

    £14,500.00 (INT)

    $38,000.00 (US)

  • Duration

    4 Years (Full-time) (including one year at QCF Level 3)

  • Accreditation

    Middle States Commission of Higher Education (US)

    The Open University (OU)

  • Location

    Richmond Hill Campus

Programme Overview

The BA degree in International Relations prepares students for a career in international organisations, business, finance, government institutions, agencies, and the media. Cosmopolitan individuals with a strategic approach and strong awareness of contemporary political issues have the opportunity to expand their extensive skill set.

This degree provides specific knowledge on three core areas: International relations theory and concepts, global institutions, and contemporary issues in international affairs. Students can choose from a variety of electives that cover a range of subjects in a national, regional and global context. Our programme is designed to offer you a specialisation as you progress with your degree, according to your main area of interest.

International Relations at Richmond focuses on theoretical knowledge, encouraging students to assess and understand the main actors and institutions within international systems. In particular, students engage with questions of security, nationalism and warfare while also addressing politics within international law and institutions, the global economy, and issues related to development and developing states.

Top 5 reasons to study this programme:

  • Acquire an analytical grasp of contemporary social, political and economic issues as well as conflicts at international and regional level
  • Understand who are the main actors and institutions in the international system and their impact on society
  • Gain vital work experience in the marketplace with an international internship for a career within leading governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations
  • Take part in field trips to the European Parliament, Council and Commission and NATO in Brussels and the International Court of Justice in the Hague
  • Learn from faculty academics leading research in specialist areas from ‘US Grand Strategy’ to ‘International Human Rights’
  • After you graduate

    Career Paths
    International Non-Governmental Organisations, Charities and Think-Tanks, International Organisations, Government Agencies, The Diplomatic Service, The International Business and Finance, Law

    In the workplace
    Embassy of Dominican Republic, European Commission, Moody’s Investors Service, PricewaterhouseCoopers, US Department of Homeland Security

    Further Education
    INSEAD, King’s College London, University of Sydney, London School of Economics and Political Science, SOAS, University of London

  • Career Support

    We offer career support and advice through our Careers & Internships Office that will assist and guide you in your study choices to make sure you stand out from the crowd when you graduate. Through internships you will gain business acumen, beneficial work experiences and transferable skills which will give you a competitive advantage in a fast-paced working environment. Work while you study across 5 continents through our partners Connect123 and CRCC Asia with destinations in Spain, Argentina, South Africa, China, Japan, Vietnam and Australia.

Modules breakdown






PLT 3100 - Foundations of Politics

DEV 4100 - Rich World/Poor World

DEV 5100 - Global Development Politics

INR 6200 - International Relations Theory

PLT 3105 - Comparative Political Systems

ECN 4110 - Introduction to Macroeconomics

INR 5200 - Global Governance

INR 6205 - International Political Economy

HST 3205 - The Global Cold War

INR 4100 - Introduction to International Relations

INR 5205 - Security Studies

INR 6210 - The Politics of International Law

GEP 3100 - Transitions I

INR 4105 - Evolution of International Systems

DEV 5200 - Research Methods and Practices – Social Sciences

INR 6296 - Senior Seminar in International Relations 1

GEP 3101 - Transitions II

MTH 4120 - Probability and Statistics I

Plus two of the following:

INR 6297 - Senior Seminar in International Relations 2

GEP 3140 - Scientific Reasoning

PLT 4100 - Major Political Thinkers

AMS 5200 - Power in the Americas

Plus five of the following OR Internship and three of the following:

GEP 3160 - Creative Expression

GEP 4180 - Research and Writing II

COM 5215 - Political Communications

AMS 6205 - The American Presidency

GEP 3180 - Research and Writing I


HST 5105 - Rise Of The Right: History of Fascisms

DEV 6200 - Sustainable Development


HST 5110 - Nationalism And Conflict

DEV 6205 - Postcolonial Theory and Development


HST 5430 - War of the Worlds? Empire and Civilization

HST 6225 - Culture, Power and Empire


INR 5100 - Critical Globalization Studies

HST 6410 - Migrations and Diasporas


INR 5400 - US Grand Strategy

INB 6200 - Country Risk Analysis


INR 5405 - Miracle To Meltdown: East & Southeast Asia

INR 6400 - Conflict And Peace Studies


MTH 5130 - Game Theory and Decision Methods

INR 6405 - International Human Rights

PLT 5100 - Politics Of The Middle East

INR 6410 - Diplomatic Studies

PLT 5200 - Political Economy: Capitalism and its Critics

INR 6415 - Foreign Policy Analysis

PLT 5205 - British Politics

INR 6420 - Global Energy Politics

PLT 5400 - Politics in the USA

INR 6962 - World Internship International Relations (6 CREDITS)

PLT 5401 - Politics goes to Hollywood

INR 6972 - Internship In International Relations (6 CREDITS)

PLT 5405 - The European Union in the New International System

JRN 6210 - Global News Analysis


PLT 5410 - Islam and The West

PLT 6200 - Liberty, Justice, Equality: Contemporary Political Theory


PLT 5415 - Politics Of Sub-Saharan Africa

PLT 6205 - Policy-Making in a Globalized World


PLT 5420 - Russian Politics and History

PLT 6400 - Political Sociology: Power, State and Society


PLT 5425 - Modern China

PPLT 6405 - Citizenship: National and Global


PLT 6410 - Politics Of Environmentalism


PLT 6415 - Ethnicity and Identity


PLT 6420 - Gender, Politics and International Relations


PLT 6425 - Religion, Identity And Power


PLT 6430 - Democracy and Democratization

Entry Requirements

A Level: 96 UCAS points

US High School Diploma (or equivalent): 2.5 GPA minimum (on 4.0 scale)

International Baccalaureate: 24 IB points (year 1) BTEC National Diploma: MMM.

Completion of Year 12-13 International equivalent secondary school qualification with a minimum grade average of grade of C including mathematics and English

English Language Requirements (Non Native English Speakers)

IELTS 5.5 with 5.5 in each Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
TOEFL (IBT) 80+ overall with: Listening 17, Reading 18, Writing 17, Speaking 20
Petersons Test of English (PTE) 51
Overall Cambridge English Scale score of no less than 168 in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

How to apply

How to Apply

You apply directly using the Common Application ($50.00) or the Richmond One Line Application. In order to submit your application you will need the following information

  • Details of your education history, including the dates of all exams/assessments
  • The email address of your referee who we can request a reference from, or alternatively an electronic copy of your academic reference
  • A personal statement – this can either be emailed as a Word Document or PDF, or completed online
  • An electronic copy of your in process or completed high school (secondary school) transcript and graduation certificate

When to apply

We encourage you to complete your application as early as possible, even if you are completing your undergraduate programme of study. In this case you will be offered a place that is conditional on successfully completing a specified qualification and English language qualification if applicable. If you would like your application to be considered for a Richmond bursary, an early application is strongly recommended

Application process

Admission is by interview unless you live outside the UK when we may interview you via Skype or by telephone. We may also determine your suitability on the basis of their application and qualifications alone. Find out more about applying.

UCAS Course Code

  • The programme is recognised in the US via our MSCHE accreditation.
  • The programme is currently validated in the UK by The Open University.
  • Major
  • Minor
  • US Federal Aid is available
  • SFE loans currently awaiting designation.

Full Time 3-4 Years

Including one year at QCF Level 3
(subject to credit transfer)

Contact our admissions team for more details:

Please note: Non US students are eligible

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What our students say…

Noah Levenson

I chose to study at Richmond because I wanted in-depth exposure to the international community. Meeting new people, embracing new cultures and learning about various parts of the world is truly the spice of life. Richmond prepared me for my career path by broadening my worldview which has been essential to my professional and personal development. I was offered a unique foundation from which to analyse opportunities on a global scale.

After graduating in May 2014, I immediately went to work in Silicon Valley as an advisor to a UK tech start-up. During this time, I was offered a job at one of Rocket Internet’s companies, a dream that came true. My experience has taught me that everyone faces rejection and hardship. However, the true success stories stem from people who face these challenges and keep on going, headstrong into the wind. My advice is that in start-ups and tech, the experience is the key. Ideas are cheap and everyone has one. You need to demonstrate and prove its value and have a strong work ethic.

Noah LevensonBA Degree in International Relations
Aleksandra Kordecka

After I graduated from Richmond with a BA (Hons) International Relations in 2002, I completed a MSc in European Politics and Governance from the London School of Economics (LSE). Currently, I work at the European Commission, Directorate General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries as an International Relations Officer.

“When I signed up for Richmond little did I realize what an exceptional experience this would be; a multi-cultural bubble with fantastic faculty and inspiring students all in the heart of London. The three years I spent at Richmond were invaluable and laid a strong foundation for both my personal development and professional career. From an academic standpoint, the quality of teaching and range of courses as well as the diverse inputs from its international students, all contribute to making Richmond superior to many of the top European universities”.

Aleksandra KordeckaBA Degree in International Relations

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