The minor in Sociology covers the study of society. Topics include: the origins and nature of sociology and the social sciences; society and culture; social institutions such as family, education and work; socialisation; social stratification, power, and social change; industrialisation; and urbanisation.

Programme Structure

Minor in Sociology
US Credits
UK Credits
TWO of the following: 6 24
SCL 3100 Foundations of Sociology
COM 4115 Digital Society
COM 4100 Intercultural Communication
plus FOUR of the following: Minimum of 12 Minimum of 48
COM 5215 Political Communications
COM 5205 Cultural Theory
COM 5200 Mass Communications and Society
PSY 5220 Social Psychology
PLT 6103 Political Sociology: Power, State, Society
PLT 6104 Sustainable Development
Minor Requirements Minimum of 18 Minimum of 72