The Minor in History looks into the Global Cold War and world cultural history and then dives into five more history courses of your choice.

Programme Structure

Minor in International History
US Credits
UK Credits
TWO of the following: 6 24
HST 3200 World Cultural History    
HST 3205 The Global Cold War    
HST 4101 The Atlantic Slave Trade and Memory    
HST 4102 Versailles to Vietnam: A Social History of the USA    
HST 4405 History of Fashion    
12 US credits or more from the following: Minimum of 12 Minimum of 48
HST 5101 Russian History and Politics    
HST 5105 Rise of the Right: A History of Fascisms    
HST 5110 Nationalism and Conflict    
HST 5400 History of London    
HST 5445 Black London    
HST 6101 Culture Power and Empire    
HST 6103 Visualising Enlightenment: Art, Ideas 1685-1800    
HST 6104 Modern Warfare and Social Change    
HST 6105 Propaganda: History and Image    
Minor Requirements Minimum of 18 Minimum of 72


Richmond provided me with the resources and space to expand and stretch my capacity of understanding through history, diversity, and awareness. This is key to better appreciating and advancing the human condition.