The Minor in Film Studies introduces you to film and cinema in general and then allows you to explore some more higher level specific courses such as Video or Animation Production, Gender and Politics in Film, and Acting techniques.

Please note, this minor is not available for students majoring in Film & Photography.

Programme Structure

Minor in Film Studies
US Credits
UK Credits
TWO of the following: 6 24
COM 3100 Foundations of Mass Media and Communication    
FLM 4200 Introduction to Film Studies    
FLM 4210 Introduction to Filmmaking    
plus FOUR of the following: Minimum of 12 Minimum of 48
FLM 5200 Mainstream Cinema: Studies in Genre    
FLM 5410 Gender in Film    
FLM 5420 Post Apocalyptic Worlds    
ADM 5200 Video Production    
FLM 6103 International Cinema    
FLM 6102 Documentary Theory & Production    
FLM 6104 From Script to Screen    
Minor Requirements 18+ 72


Living and working in London was more than I expected, it’s been amazing since day one. Living in London has been the best experience of my life, and it breaks my heart to leave here, it has truly become home for me. How many people can say they’ve worked in London? Not many, so having this opportunity has been fantastic.

Avery Manders