Course Specification Documents 2014/2015

CSD AMS 5200 Power in the Americas
CSD APR 7100 Advertising Practice
CSD AMS 6400 Pop to Present – Themes in Contemporary US Art
CSD APR 7101 Public Relations Practice
CSD APR 7102 Advertising and Public Relations in Context
CSD APR 7103 Advertising and Public Relations in the Global Marketing Communications Mix
CSD APR 7110 Political Communication
CSD APR 7120 Celebrities, Marketing and the Media
CSD APR 7115 Advertising and PR for Fashion and Luxury Brands
CSD APR 7550 Extended Professional Research Project
CSD APR 7500 Professional Research Project
CSD ARW 3195 Principles of Academic Writing
CSD APR 7902 Internship
CSD ARW 4195 Principles of Academic Research
CSD AVC 5200 Museums and Galleries of London
CSD AVC 3200 Foundations of Art Across Cultures
CSD AVC 5205 Art in Context
CSD AVC 5215 Art History Theory and Methods
CSD AVC 5210 History of Design
CSD AVC 5400 British Art & Architecture
CSD AVC 5405 The Renaissance New Perspectives
CSD AVC 5410 Modern Art and Modernism
CSD COM 5415 Sport in Documentary Film
CSD AVC 6400 Non-Western Visual Cultures
CSD DEV 7102 International Organization
CSD DEV 7101 Theories of International Development
CSD DEV 7105 Development Methodologies and Practices
CSD DEV 7401 Gender and Development
CSD DEV 7400 African Development Politics
CSD DEV 7402 Migration Labour and Development
CSD DEV 7403 Imperialism and Post-Colonial Theory
CSD ECN 7100 Economics for Business
CSD DEV 7404 Political Economy Of Development in Latin America
CSD ENT 5200 Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice
CSD ENT 6200 Entrepreneurship and Business Development
CSD ENT 6210 Entrepreneurship Strategy
CSD ENT 6205 Entrepreneurship and Family Business
CSD ENT 7110 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
CSD ENV 3140 Foundations of Ecology
CSD FLM 5200 Mainstream Cinema – Studies in Genre
CSD FLM 5405 Adaptations – Literature and Cinema
CSD FLM 6200 Transnational Cinema
CSD FLM 5410 Gender in Film
CSD FLM 6210 Advanced Digital Video
CSD FLM 6220 Documentary Theory and Production
CSD FLM 6230 International Cinema
CSD FNN 5215 Compliance and Regulation
CSD FNN 5200 Corporate Finance
CSD FNN 6210 Financial Institutions and Markets
CSD FNN 6415 Wealth Management
CSD FNN 7102 Financial Management
CSD FYS 3155 Sport and Society
CSD FYS 3150 London Community and Volunteering
CSD HST 4405 History of Fashion
CSD HST 5205 Rome and the East – Culture and Faith in Late Antiquity
CSD HST 5420 Comparative Monarchies – Games of Thrones
CSD HST 5425 Historical London
CSD HST 6215 History and Film
CSD HST 6405 East Asian Modernity – Beyond 1513
CSD HST 6410 Migrations and Diasporas
CSD INR 7403 Global Environmental Politics
CSD HST 6415 Island to Empire – British History From 1707 to 1922
CSD INR 7424 International Politics of East Asia
CSD ISL 5000 Service Learning and Active Citizenship
CSD INR 7425 The Middle East and International Politics
CSD LIT 6200 American Writers Abroad
CSD MCL 5100 Chinese Language and Culture 3
CSD MCL 5105 Chinese Language and Culture 4
CSD MGT 7101 Project Management
CSD MGT 7110 Managing Organisations and People
CSD MGT 7120 Corporate Governance
CSD MGT 7130 Strategic Management
CSD MGT 7500 Dissertation
CSD MGT 7135 Leadership and Strategic Change
CSD MGT 7550 Extended Dissertation
CSD MGT 7902 Graduate Internship in MBA
CSD MKT 5415 Corporate Reputation Management
CSD MKT 4200 Introduction to the Business of Fashion
CSD MKT 7100 Global Marketing Strategy
CSD MKT 6220 Digital Marketing and Social Media
CSD MKT 7110 Marketing in a Digital World
CSD MKT 7400 Fashion Management
CSD MTH 3111 Functions and Applications
CSD PSY 4220 Scientific Reasoning in Psychology
CSD PSY 6210 Cognitive Science
CSD PSY 5430 Psychology of Education
CSD PSY 6410 Memory and Awareness
CSD PSY 6430 Psychology of Happiness and Wellbeing
CSD SCL 5200 Social Research
CSD SPT 3105 Sport and Exercise Physiology
CSD SPT 4200 Introduction to Sport Psychology
CSD SPT 5210 Sports Events Planning and Promotion
CSD SPT 5205 Exercise Nutrition and Lifestyle Management
CSD SPT 5215 Sports Management
CSD SPT 6205 Sports Law
CSD SPT 5225 Sports Journalism
CSD SPT 6210 Talent Identification Principles and Practice
CSD SPT 6220 Sports Marketing
CSD SPT 6215 Team and Leadership Dynamics in Sports and Coaching
CSD SPT 6225 Sport Finance
CSD THR 3100 Foundations of the Performing Arts
CSD THR 3102 Movement I Taking the Floor
CSD THR 4105 Movement II The Physical Impulse
CSD THR 4100 Beginning Directing
CSD THR 4110 Theatre and Community I Me and My Shadows
CSD THR 4200 The Plays the Thing
CSD THR 5100 World Theatre
CSD THR 4205 Acting Theory into Practice
CSD THR 5205 Modern Drama
CSD THR 5200 Voice for Acting and Broadcasting
CSD THR 5210 Acting Skills
CSD THR 5215 Screen Acting Techniques
CSD THR 5220 Stage Combat
CSD THR 5405 Shakespeare and His World I
CSD THR 5410 Shakespeare and His World II
CSD THR 6200 Classical British Theatre Fire Over England
CSD THR 6210 Classical Acting
CSD THR 6205 Contemporary British Theatre Lost Boys and bad Girls
CSD THR 6215 Modern Acting Style and Technique
CSD THR 6220 Audition Technique and Critique
CSD THR 6225 Irish Drama the Troubles and Beyond
CSD THR 6240 Movement III The Physical Impact
CSD THR 6245 Theatre and Community II London Peoples Theatre
CSD THR 6250 American Drama The Beaufitul and the Damned
CSD THR 6330 Top Girls Innovators and Outsiders
CSD THR 6395 Playmaking