Wellbeing Research

Promoting human wellbeing through development

Wellbeing ClusterThe main purpose of the Wellbeing Research Centre is to provide a platform through which its activities at the Richmond Business School may be coordinated and promoted. The Wellbeing Research Cluster, the forerunner to the Centre, was set up during academic year 2013-4 in order to encourage and promote discussion and debate on all matters relating to wellbeing research.

The Centre will continue this work and expand it. At the Centre, wellbeing is defined in its broadest sense and as such the definition sets very little disciplinary boundaries within the areas of business, economics and finance, management, marketing, etc.

This broad approach intends to enable members, and others associated with the Centre, to reflect on a variety of issues of concern and interest relating to the exploration of the relationship between wellbeing and the economic condition.

Events blog: wellbeingcreates.org/

The Wellbeing Research Centre is led by Professor Parviz Dabir-Alai.

Wellbeing Research Centre Members:

  • Parviz Dabir-Alai, Ph.D., Professor of Economics; research interests are in economics of development, transition and idiosyncratic labour markets. Chair of WRC.
  • Paul Fisher, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Finance and Economics; research interests are in macroeconomic modelling and regulation.
  • Peter Grant, M.Sc., Visiting Professor of International Economics and Development; Cofounder of Restored Relationships.
  • Nicola Mann, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communications and Visual Cultures; research interests are informed by urban culture studies and community activism, her current research considers dominant visualisations of London’s Heygate council estate in light of recent regeneration efforts. She continues to liaise with the HMP and recently co-organized a popular conference with Dr. Annita Ventouris, titled: ‘Increasing Happiness and Wellbeing through Arts Participation & Play.’
  • David Munyinyi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics; research interests are in mathematical biology with applications to the modelling of population dynamics of biological organisms, and also transmission mechanisms of emerging and exotic disease pathogens. In addition, he has research interests in education and the modelling of real life situations.
  • Nastaran Norouzi, MBA, Assistant Professor of Marketing; research interests are in the areas of labour, wages and working conditions in Industrial Clusters. Nastaran is also interested in collaboration, knowledge sharing and interactions within clusters.
  • Sabine Spangenberg, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, research interests are in Public Economics, History of Thought, Education.
  • Faculty from the School of Business are all Associate Members as are students pursuing programs within the School.