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Dr Afsane Riazi

Associate Professor of Psychology


I obtained my PhD in Health Psychology, examining the role of psychological stress in people with Type 1 diabetes. Since then, I have used both qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand the impact of individual’s physical health on well-being and quality of life (QoL), with the aim of utilising psychological interventions to improve such outcomes. My research encompasses a wide range of populations across various life stages, such as children and adolescents, adults with long-term conditions and residents in care homes.

Research interests

The development and evaluation of scientifically rigorous Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) – I have used both classical test theory and Rasch analysis to produce rigorous measures that can be used in the evaluation of treatment and care.

Development and evaluation of psychological/complex interventions within health care – I have developed and evaluated interventions for people with visual impairment, stroke, family members of people in low awareness states, and vocational rehabilitation for people with multiple sclerosis.Self-compassion and health/body image

Currently my research interest focuses on the understanding of the psychological processes underlying disordered eating and obesity. I am particularly interested in the link between self-compassion and health, and in particular the links between self-compassion and disordered eating/obesity, as well as the buffering role that self-compassion plays in the link between the use of social media and disordered eating.

My work has been funded by the Multiple Sclerosis Society and The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, amongst others.