‘Conversations can change people’s lives’


A former student at Richmond American University London, Vedica Podar, has been featured on Smiley Movement, a non-profit platform which is aimed at inspiring positive change in society by highlighting the people and organisations doing good in the world.

Entitled, ‘Conversations can change people’s lives’, the article on Smiley Movement focuses on Vedica’s start-up, Kangaroo Minds, which offers people mental health support in the form of education.

The name of Vedica’s start-up was inspired by kangaroos in the wild, jumping from one spot to another, much like the mind jumps from idea to idea, and also how they leap forward, hopefully to brighter pastures.

I really believe in the power of conversation,” Vedica says in the article. “Conversations can change people’s lives, and sometimes you just need to reach out and check in on someone.”

“There are gonna be people along the way who are still struggling, so just holding that kind of space, I think makes a huge difference.

Vedica holds an MBA in HR Management along with a BA in International Business & Psychology from the University and is also a Mental Health Ambassador for Richmond American University London.