Top Tip for Assignments

Hi everyone,

It’s crazy to think that we only have a few weeks of the term left! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and enjoyed the nice weather. The rule of six was implemented at a great time and I spent the day in the garden with my family. We finally got to exchange Christmas presents, play board games and have a roast dinner – even if it was in April. When it got cooler in the evening, we started the firepit and watched movies on the outdoor projector.

Now that finals are getting closer I have at least one assignment due every week. I was really happy to get full marks in my recent Luxury Brand Management essay. My biggest tip for assignments is time management because concentrating during online classes can be hard. Some days I’ve been relaxing and suddenly realised I’m supposed to be in class…To help focus I attend live lectures and ask questions, then re-watch the recording a few days later to take notes. This helps to fully understand and retain information for exams.

I’m looking forward to shops and restaurants opening next week, I’ve definitely been craving a Nando’s. This photo was taken at Little Venice in London, as you can see I’ve also been missing going to the hairdressers during lockdown!

Until next time,