When this is over: Reflections on an Unequal Pandemic


Dr Kandida Purnell, Assistant Professor of International Relations at Richmond, will be launching a new book next year. Entitled, ‘When This Is Over: Reflections on an Unequal Pandemic’, the book confronts and addresses the inequalities of the Covid pandemic in the UK through narrative, analysis, poems, images, and more.

Dr Purnell has been working as one of the four Editors on the book – Amy Cortvriend, Lucy Easthope, and Jenny Edkins – for over a year and the new book will be published by Bristol University Press, Policy Press in March 2023 to mark the third anniversary of the first lockdown in the UK.

The list of contributors includes the following:

Manca Bajec, Gracie Mae Bradley, Safina Islam, Patricia Tuitt, Jennifer Mustapha, Paul Famosaya, Rita Coleman, Danielle House, Farjana Islam & Avril Madrell, Herbert Woodward Martin, Anjana Nair, Marvin Thompson, Gary Younge, Mark Brown, Sue Bryant, Led By Donkeys, Fran Hall, Michael Rosen, Mark Honigsbaum, Karen West & Hannah Rumble, Sue Black, Matthew Hogan, Dipali Anumo, Lara-Rose Iredale, Mehreen Hamdany, Irene Naikaali Ssentongo.

More details coming soon!