Professor’s Blog on Monarchy Published by Prestigious Websites


A highly topical blog published recently by Dr Kandida Purnell, Assistant Professor of International Relations at Richmond American University London, has just been featured on two highly prestigious websites.

The first of these can be found on LSE Politics & Policy which has published Dr Purnell’s blog on, The Queen’s Two Bodies: Why metaphors matter – especially in a time of monarchical mourning.’

The LSE British Politics and Policy blog is a multidisciplinary academic blog run by the London School of Economics and Political Science which aims to increase the public understanding of the social sciences in the context of UK government.

The second website which has featured a shorter version of Dr Purnell’s blog is the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)’s The Loop, entitled, The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen: The Political Power of Metaphor‘.  The Loop publishes short pieces on politics, policy programmes, societal and political issues.

Dr Purnell’s blog focuses on the significance of the death of Queen Elizabeth II and accession of King Charles III in relation to the ‘body politic’.