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Recent graduate shares her creative career experience

Here’s a post by fantastic BA Art History & Visual Culture graduate, Matilde Tariello, who now works at Artsy! Thank you for this contribution Matilde! "I am a very proud BA AVC Alumni. I have been working at Artsy for two years now…

Art History & Visual Culture Trip to Barcelona 

Over the Fall Break, Professor Nicola Mann led an Art History & Visual Culture trip to the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. The group included students on the MA Art History & Visual Culture programme as well as MFA Screen Acting Students…

Richmond Film and Photography Director joins star-studded cast

Richard Bevan, Programme Director of Film and Photography at Richmond, brings reality to the screen as he plays the role of a film tutor in, ‘One of the most beautiful and extraordinary films of the year’, according to the London Evening…

Adjunct professor collaborates to create special issue of the open access journal

The academic synergy between former American University Professor Dr Robert J. Wallis and Adjunct Professor of Art History and Visual Culture Dr. Max Carocci resulted in a special issue of the open access journal Religions entitled 'Art,…
The Role of Public Art event promotional poster

Taking it to the Streets: The Role of Public Art Post-Covid 

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Join us on Friday 17 September, 4.00-5.00pm, Kensington In Spring 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic closed UK museums, galleries and arts institutions, curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist called for radical government relief to support the nation’s…

What is this Pop?

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This is your chance to join Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies, Alex Seago next Tuesday, 23 March, 5.00-6.00pm to discuss, What is this Pop? Considering Pop Art in Cross Cultural Context. The generic art historical term ‘Pop Art’…
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Public Art Projects In Sight In View – 31 March 2020

Dr. David Dibosa, Curator and Leader of the MA in Museums and Curating, Chelsea College of Art Asa Briggs 212, 4:30pm, 31 March
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Artists and Artist Educators – 27 March 2020

Dr. Judith Brocklehurst 17YS, Sem 3, 1:30pm, 27 March
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Curating Ethnographic and Contemporary African Art at the British Museum – 25 February 2020

Dr. Chris Spring, Former Curator of African Galleries at the British Museum Briggs 212, 4:30pm, 25 February

History of falconry in Anglo-Saxon England revealed by Richmond Professor in The Times

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Dr Robert J Wallis, Professor of Visual Culture at Richmond, has been featured this week in an article published by The Times, explaining how falconry was practised in Anglo-Saxon England hundreds of years earlier than previously thought. The…