Hello dear fellow students, Some of you are probably enjoying holidays, while others might be studying for your courses for the summer semester. Right now, I am preparing my professional research project, in order to complete my MA and graduate. So far, I’ve received a great amount of help and guidance from my advisor, and […]

It has been a couple of weeks now since I have started working on my final project which is focusing on how advertising affects children playing with certain toys and how toys should be viewed as gender-neutral.  The deadline is 31 August.  At times, I have run into some difficulties such as understanding how to […]

Hi everyone, I can’t believe I’ve been writing blog posts for 3 years and this is my last one; I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. I was so happy with my final grades, I achieved A’s and an A- so overall I graduated with a First Class Honours! My family and I went to Richmond […]

I can’t believe June is finally here! I am so glad everything is opened up but of course we all still need to be careful. I was able to get my haircut too and did it a lot shorter as you can see in the photo as having long hair in the hot weather can […]

Hello, I hope you are all well and healthy. Summer is here and I am so excited for almost completing my postgraduate program at Richmond University. I managed to complete all my courses and I have to submit my dissertation/professional research project by the end of summer. As I am planning my holidays for this […]