CSD ACC 4200 Financial Accounting

CSD ACC 4205 Managerial Accounting

CSD ACC 5200 Advanced Managerial Accounting

CSD ACC 5205 Advanced Financial Accounting

CSD ACC 5210 Fundamental Analysis

CSD ACC 6200 Taxation

CSD ACC 6205 Financial reporting

CSD ACC 6210 Audit and Assurance

CSD ADM 3160 Foundations in Photography

CSD ADM 4100 The Language of Art

CSD ADM 4210 Stamping Authority

CSD ADM 4215 Developing Spaces

CSD ADM 5200 Video Production

CSD ADM 5205 Off the Wall

CSD ADM 5297 Research and Writing Methods

CSD ADM 5400 Intermediate Drawing

CSD ADM 5405 Photography Theory and Practice

CSD ADM 5410 Exploring Paint Media

CSD ADM 6205 Contemporary Visual Culture II

CSD ADM 6391 Going Public

CSD ADM 6392 Fourth Bridge

CSD ADM 6400 Drawing on London

CSD ADM 6405 Printmaking Workshop

CSD ADM 6410 Book Art

CSD ADM 6425 Photojournalism

CSD ADM 6430 Comm Design Type

CSD ADM 6435 Web Design

CSD ADM 6440 Comm Design Image

CSD ADM 6450 Animation and Motion

CSD AMS 3100 Foundations of American Studies

CSD AMS 5200 Power in the Americas

CSD AMS 5400 American Television Drama

CSD AMS 6200 Contemporary American Culture

CSD AMS 6205 American Presidency

CSD AMS 6296 Senior-Seminar in American-Studies 1. pdf

CSD AMS 6297 Senior Seminar in American Studies

CSD AMS 6400 Pop to Present – Themes in Contemporary US Art

CSD AVC 3705 Uncovering London’s Museums

CSD AVC 4200 Introduction to Art Across Cultures

CSD AVC 4205 Introduction to Visual Culture

CSD AVC 4400 European Art and Architecture (TP)

CSD AVC 5200 Museums and Galleries of London

CSD AVC 5205 Art in Context

CSD AVC 5210 History of Design

CSD AVC 5215 Art History Theory and Methods

CSD AVC 5400 British Art & Architecture

CSD AVC 5405 The Renaissance New Perspectives

CSD AVC 5410 Modern Art and Modernism

CSD AVC 5415 Art of Prehistoric Europe

CSD AVC 5420 History of Photography

CSD AVC 6200 Working in the Art World

CSD AVC 6296 Senior Seminar in Art History and Visual Culture 1

CSD AVC 6297 Senior Seminar in Art History and Visual Culture 2

CSD AVC 6400 Non-Western Visual Cultures

CSD AVC 6405 New Media & Visual Power Themes in Contemporary Visual Culture

CSD AVC 6410 Visualising People & Place Themes in Contemporary Visual Culture

CSD AVC 6415 Questioning Renaissance Art

CSD COM 3100 Foundations Mass Media Comm

CSD COM 4100 Intercultural Communication

CSD COM 4105 Worlds of Music

CSD COM 4400 Introduction to Advertising Practice

CSD COM 4405 Advertising PR and the Media

CSD COM 4410 Sonic Media Production

CSD COM 4415 Contemporary London Performance

CSD COM 4420 Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

CSD COM 4420 Writing Science Fiction

CSD COM 5105 Modern Popular Music

CSD COM 5110 Masculinities Feminisms

CSD COM 5115 Soc Of Culture & Sub Culture

CSD COM 5200 Mass Com and Society

CSD COM 5205 Cultural Theory

CSD COM 5215 Political Communications

CSD COM 5218 Celebrity and Fan Culture

CSD COM 5220 Communications for PR and Advetising

CSD COM 5230 Creating Digital Images

CSD COM 6200 New Media

CSD COM 6205 PR and Self-Presentation

CSD COM 6296 Senior Seminar Comm I

CSD COM 6297 Senior Seminar Comm 2

CSD COM 6391 Senior Project

CSD COM 6400 Fashion and Media

CSD CRM 5400 Terrorism and Counterterrorism

CSD CRW 3200 Writing From the Creative Impulse

CSD CRW 4200 Writing London

CSD CRW 5200 Script Writing

CSD CRW 5205 Reading and Writing Short Stories

CSD DEV 3100 Development and Culture

CSD DEV 4100 Rich World Poor World

CSD DEV 5100 Global Development Politics

CSD DEV 5200 Research Methods and Practices – Social Sciences

CSD DEV 6200 Sustainable Development

CSD DEV 6205 Postcolonial Theory and Development

CSD DEV 6296 Senior Seminar Development Studies I

CSD DEV 6297 Senior Seminar Development Studies 2

CSD EAP 3270 Fundamentals of Research & Writing

CSD EAP 3275 Fundamentals of Academic Language

CSD ECN 3100 Foundations of Economics

CSD ECN 3200 Foundations of Economic Ideas

CSD ECN 4100 Intro to Econ. of Development

CSD ECN 4105 Intro to Microeconomics

CSD ECN 4110 Intro to Macroeconomics

CSD ECN 4115 Modern Economic History

CSD ECN 5100 Economics of Transition

CSD ECN 5105 Economic Problems of Developing Countries

CSD ECN 5200 Public Economics

CSD ECN 5205 Intermediate Microeconomics

CSD ECN 5210 Intermediate Macroeconomics

CSD ECN 5215 Econometrics I – Principles

CSD ECN 5400 Managerial Economics

CSD ECN 5405 Economic Policy Analysis

CSD ECN 6205 Behavioural Economics

CSD ECN 6210 International Economics

CSD ECN 6215 Econometrics II – Applied Econometrics

CSD ECN 6297 Senior Project

CSD ENT 4200 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

CSD ENT 5200 Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice

CSD ENT 6200 Entrepreneurship and Business Development

CSD ENT 6205 Entrepreneurship and Family Business

CSD ENT 6210 Entrepreneurship Strategy

CSD ENV 3100 World Regional Geography

CSD ENV 3120 Energy A Global Perspective

CSD ENV 3125 Foundations in Environmental Studies

CSD ENV 3135 Endangered Species, Ecology and Conservation

CSD ENV 5100 Environmental Ethics Green Principles

CSD FLM 4200 Introduction to Film Studies

CSD FLM 4205 Film in the Americas

CSD FLM 4210 Intro to Film Making

CSD FLM 5200 Mainstream Cinema – Studies in Genre

CSD FLM 5400 Science Fiction Film Cowboys and Aliens

CSD FLM 5405 Adaptations – Literature and Cinema

CSD FLM 5410 Gender in Film

CSD FLM 5700 Western European Cinema

CSD FLM 6200 Transnational Cinema

CSD FLM 6210 Advanced Digital Video

CSD FLM 6220 Documentary Theory and Production

CSD FLM 6230 International Cinema

CSD FLM 6296 Senior-Seminar Film Studies I

CSD FLM 6297 Senior Seminar Film Studies II

CSD FLM 6400 From Script to Screen

CSD FNN 5200 Corporate Finance

CSD FNN 5205 Principles of Investment

CSD FNN 5215 Compliance and Regulation

CSD FNN 6200 Money and Banking

CSD FNN 6205 Quantitative Models in Finance

CSD FNN 6210 Financial Institutions and Markets

CSD FNN 6400 Derivatives

CSD FNN 6405 Global Investor

CSD FNN 6410 International Finance

CSD FNN 6415 Wealth Management

CSD FNN 6420 International Financial History

CSD GEP 3100 Transitions London Calling I

CSD GEP 3101 Transitions London Calling II

CSD GEP 3120 Quantitative Reasoning

CSD GEP 3140 Scientific Reasoning

CSD GEP 3160 Creative Expression

CSD GEP 3180 Research and Writing I

CSD GEP 4180 Research and Writing II

CSD HST 3200 World Cultural History

CSD HST 3205 The Global Cold War

CSD HST 3706 London A History

CSD HST 4100 When Worlds Collide Race and Empire 1400-1888

CSD HST 4105 Versailles to Vietnam

CSD HST 4405 History of Fashion

CSD HST 5100 Cultures of Imperial Power

CSD HST 5105 The Rise of the Right

CSD HST 5110 Nationalism and Conflict

CSD HST 5200 Roman and Medieval Europe

CSD HST 5205 Rome and the East – Culture and Faith in Late Antiquity

CSD HST 5210 Of Myths and Monsters

CSD HST 5400 History of London

CSD HST 5405 US and UK Comparative History

CSD HST 5410 Comparative Monarchies

CSD HST 5415 The Crusades

CSD HST 5420 Comparative Monarchies – Games of Thrones

CSD HST 5425 Historical London

CSD HST 5430 War of the Worlds – Empires and Civilization

CSD HST 5435 Crusades and Jihads

CSD HST 5440 Saxon and Viking Culture in England

CSD HST 5445 Black London

CSD HST 5500 James Bond Intl Cultural History

CSD HST 5700 Centuries of Genocide A History (TP)

CSD HST 5705 TP The Vikings

CSD HST 5710 TP For Queer and Country

CSD HST 6205 Pictures of Power

CSD HST 6215 History on Film

CSD HST 6220 US History Since 1972

CSD HST 6225 Culture, Power and Empire

CSD HST 6296 Senior Seminar History I

CSD HST 6297 Senior Seminar History 2

CSD HST 6410 Migrations and Diasporas

CSD HST 6415 Island to Empire – British History From 1707 to 1922

CSD HST 6420 Visualising Enlightenment – Art Ideas Material Culture 1685-1800

CSD IFR 5700 International Field Research

CSD INB 5700 European Union Business and Politics (TP)

CSD INB 6200 Country Risk Analysis

CSD INB 6205 Foreign Trade Policy

CSD INB 6210 European Business Environment

CSD INB 6215 Managing the Multinational Corp

CSD INB 6220 International Business Law

CSD INR 4100 Introduction to International Relations

CSD INR 4105 Evolution of International Systems

CSD INR 5100 Critical Globalization Studies

CSD INR 5200 Global Governance

CSD INR 5205 Security Studies

CSD INR 5400 US Grand Strategy

CSD INR 5405 Miracle to Meltdown

CSD INR 6200 International Relations Theory

CSD INR 6205 International Political Economy

CSD INR 6210 The Politics of International Law

CSD INR 6296 Senior Seminar International Relations I

CSD INR 6297 Senior Seminar International Relations 2

CSD INR 6400 Conflict and Peace Studies

CSD INR 6405 International Human Rights

CSD INR 6410 Diplomatic Studies

CSD INR 6415 Foreign Policy Analysis

CSD INR 6420 Global Energy Politics

CSD ISL 5000 Service Learning and Active Citizenship

CSD JRN 4200 Intro to Writing for Media

CSD JRN 4200 Intro Writing Media Journalism

CSD JRN 4210 History of Journalism

CSD JRN 4220 Principles of Journalism

CSD JRN 5200 Feature Writing

CSD JRN 5205 Reporting and Investigative Journalism

CSD JRN 5300 International Journalism

CSD JRN 5400 Arts and Entertainment Journalism

CSD JRN 5400 Entertainment Arts and the Media

CSD JRN 6200 Publications Layout

CSD JRN 6205 Media Ethics and Law

CSD JRN 6210 Global News Analysis

CSD JRN 6391 Senior Project

CSD JRN 6392 Senior Essay

CSD LIT 3100 The City Experience and Imagination

CSD LIT 4200 Introduction to World Literature

CSD LIT 5100 Travel Writing

CSD LIT 5400 Contemporary London Literature

CSD LIT 5405 British Fantasy Writing

CSD LIT 5700 British Fantasy Travel-Magic and Memory (TP)

CSD Major 6962 World Internship

CSD Major 6972 London Internship

CSD MCL 4100 Chinese Language and Culture 1

CSD MCL 4105 Chinese Language and Culture 2

CSD MCL 5101 Chinese Language and Culture III

CSD MCL 5110 Chinese Language & Culture IV

CSD MCL 5205 Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Society

CSD MCL 5210 Contemporary China

CSD MGT 3200 Foundations of Business

CSD MGT 4205 Computer Applications in Management

CSD MGT 5210 Research Methods

CSD MGT 5220 Legal and Ethical Aspects in Management

CSD MGT 5225 Professional Skills

CSD MGT 5400 Organisational Behaviour

CSD MGT 5405 Operations Management

CSD MGT 5410 Human Resource Management

CSD MGT 5415 Governance and Sustainability

CSD MGT 6200 Competition and Strategy

CSD MGT 6297 Senior Project in Business

CSD MKT 3200 Foundation of the Bus of Fash

CSD MKT 4100 Intro to Marketing

CSD MKT 4200 Introduction to the Business of Fashion

CSD MKT 5200 Principles of Marketing

CSD MKT 5205 Consumer Behaviour

CSD MKT 5405 Fashion Marketing and Retail

CSD MKT 5410 Psychology of Fashion and Luxury Goods

CSD MKT 5415 Corporate Reputation Management

CSD MKT 5700 Fashion Marketing and Merchandising (TP)

CSD MKT 6200 Advertising Management

CSD MKT 6210 Distribution and Retail

CSD MKT 6215 Global Marketing

CSD MKT 6220 Digital Marketing and Social Media

CSD MKT 6225 Ethical Fashion and Sustainability

CSD MKT 6300 Fashion Buying and Merchandising

CSD MKT 6305 Fashion Product Development

CSD MKT 6310 Luxury Brand Management

CSD MKT 6400 Developing and Managing Sales

CSD MKT 6405 Marketing and Strategy

CSD MTH 3000 Fundamentals of Mathematics

CSD MTH 3111 Functions and Applications

CSD MTH 4110 Calculus with Applications

CSD MTH 4120 Probablility and Stats 1

CSD MTH 4130 Game Theory

CSD MTH 4140 Maths of Argument and Reasoning

CSD MTH 4150 Art of Mathematics

CSD MTH 5110 Calculus with Analytic Geometry

CSD MTH 5120 Probability and Stats 2

CSD MTH 5130 Game Theory and Decision Methods

CSD MTH 5140 Linear Algebra and Real Analysis

CSD MTH 6110 Advanced Differential Calculus

CSD MTH 6120 Financial Mathematics

CSD PHL 4100 Introduction to Philosophy

CSD PHL 5400 Modern European Mind

CSD PLT 3100 Foundations of Politics

CSD PLT 3105 Comparative Political Systems

CSD PLT 4100 Major Political Thinkers

CSD PLT 5100 Politics of the Middle East

CSD PLT 5200 Political Economy – Capitalism and its Critics

CSD PLT 5205 British Politics – Inside Parliament

CSD PLT 5400 Politics in the USA

CSD PLT 5401 Politics Goes To Hollywood

CSD PLT 5405 The European Union in the New International System

CSD PLT 5410 Islam and the West

CSD PLT 5415 Politics of sub-Saharan Africa

CSD PLT 5420 Russian Politics and History

CSD PLT 5425 Modern China

CSD PLT 5700 Islam in Global Politics TP

CSD PLT 6200 Liberty Justice Equality – Contemporary Political Theory

CSD PLT 6205 Policy-Making in a Globalized World

CSD PLT 6296 Senior Seminar Political Science I

CSD PLT 6297 Senior Seminar Political Science 2

CSD PLT 6400 Political Sociology – Power, State and Society

CSD PLT 6405 Citizenship – National and Global

CSD PLT 6410 Politics of Environmentalism

CSD PLT 6415 Ethnicity and Identity

CSD PLT 6420 Gender Politics and International Relations

CSD PLT 6425 Religion Identity and Power

CSD PLT 6430 Democracy and Democratization

CSD PSY 3100 Foundations in Psychology

CSD PSY 3200 History of Childhood

CSD PSY 4200 Beginning Human Science Research

CSD PSY 4205 Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology

CSD PSY 4210 Developmental Psychology

CSD PSY 4215 Biological Basis of Human Behavior

CSD PSY 4220 Scientific Reasoning in Psychology

CSD PSY 5100 Human Development

CSD PSY 5205 Quantitative methods

CSD PSY 5210 Experimental Methods

CSD PSY 5215 Personality Individual Differences and Intelligence

CSD PSY 5220 Social Psychology

CSD PSY 5400 Mind and Language

CSD PSY 5405 Psychopathology

CSD PSY 5415 Psychology and Cinema

CSD PSY 5425 Health Psychology

CSD PSY 5430 Psychology of Education

CSD PSY 6200 Theories and Systems in Psychology

CSD PSY 6205 Developmental Psychopathology

CSD PSY 6210 Cognitive Science

CSD PSY 6215 Research in Criminology

CSD PSY 6393 Senior Project I – Quantitative Methods

CSD PSY 6394 Senior Projects II – Qualitative Methods

CSD PSY 6400 Psychoanalysis

CSD PSY 6405 Existential-Phenomenological Psychology

CSD PSY 6410 Memory and Awareness

CSD PSY 6425 Cognitive Neuroscience

CSD PSY 6430 Psychology of Happiness and Wellbeing

CSD PSY 6435 Clinical Psychology

CSD RLG 5100 Comparative World Religions

CSD SCL 3100 Foundations of Sociology

CSD SCL 4110 Gender and Culture

CSD SCL 5105 Magic, Religion & Witchcraft

CSD SCL 5200 Social Research

CSD SCL 5400 Modern Britain A Social Analysis

CSD SCL 5450 Contemporary British Culture

CSD SCL 5700 LGBTQ+ in the UK – Pride and Prejudice

CSD THR 3100 Foundations of the Performing Arts

CSD THR 3102 Movement I Taking the Floor

CSD THR 4100 Beginning Directing

CSD THR 4105 Movement II The Physical Impulse

CSD THR 4110 Theatre and Community I Me and My Shadows

CSD THR 4205 Acting Theory into Practice

CSD THR 4210 Introduction to Drama The Play’s the Thing

CSD THR 5100 World Theatre

CSD THR 5200 Voice for Acting and Broadcasting

CSD THR 5205 Modern Drama

CSD THR 5210 Acting Skills

CSD THR 5215 Screen Acting Techniques

CSD THR 5220 Stage Combat

CSD THR 5225 Dramaturgy & Devised Perofrmance

CSD THR 5405 Shakespeare and His World I

CSD THR 5410 Shakespeare and His World II

CSD THR 5700 Audience, Architecture and Action at Shakespeare’s Globe

CSD THR 6200 Classical British Theatre

CSD THR 6205 Contemporary British Theatre Lost Boys and bad Girls

CSD THR 6210 Classical Acting

CSD THR 6215 Modern Acting Style and Technique

CSD THR 6220 Audition Technique and Critique

CSD THR 6225 Irish Drama the Troubles and Beyond

CSD THR 6240 Movement III The Physical Impact

CSD THR 6245 Theatre and Community II London Peoples Theatre

CSD THR 6250 American Drama The Beautiful and the Damned

CSD THR 6330 Top Girls

CSD THR 6335 Arts Administration & Producing

CSD THR 6392 Playmaking

CSD XXX 6672 London Internship AIFS

CSD ADM 3800 Drawing I

CSD ADM 3855 Painting in Florence I

CSD ADM 4800 Drawing II

CSD ADM 4855 Painting in Florence II

CSD ADM 5800 Drawing III

CSD ADM 5855 Painting in Florence III

CSD ADM 5860 Photography for the Media

CSD ADM 5870 Sketchbook of Florence

CSD ADM 5875 Sketchbook of Rome

CSD AVC 4800 Introduction to Italian Art

CSD AVC 4805 Early Renaissance Florentine Art

CSD AVC 5810 Introduction to Renaissance and Baroque Art in Rome

CSD AVC 5815 Central Italian Early Renaissance Art

CSD AVC 5820 Italian Renaissance Architecture

CSD AVC 5825 Masters of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci

CSD AVC 5835 History of Italian Fashion

CSD AVC 5840 Art and Culture in Rome 800 BC 2000 AD

CSD AVC 5850 Michelangelo in Rome

CSD AVC 5855 Museums and Galleries of Florence

CSD AVC 5860 Florentine Art in Context

CSD COM 5845 Fashion and Media in Rome

CSD COM 5850 Gender and Sexuality in Italian Opera Florence

CSD COM 5855 News and the Media in Italy

CSD COM 5860 Made in Italy The symbols of Italian identity from Espresso to Ferrari

CSD COM 6805 Fashion and Media

CSD ECN 5805 International Economic Relations

CSD ENT 5805 Italian Family Business

CSD FLM 5800 History of Italian Cinema and Society

CSD HST 3800 Med Ren Italy

CSD HST 5805 Rome Through the Ages

CSD HST 5810 History of Florence

CSD HST 5815 History of Food and Table Manners

CSD HST 5820 History of the Italian Mafia

CSD HST 5825 Italian Food and Culture

CSD HST 5830 Med Ren Italy

CSD HST 5835 A History of Western Medicine From Antiquity to the Scientific Revolution

CSD HST 5840 Monks of War

CSD HST 5845 The Papacy a History of the Roman Catholic Church

CSD INB 6810 European Business Environment

CSD INR 5800 Globalization, a European Perspective

CSD INR 5810 Security Studies

CSD ISL 5800 Service Learning and Active Citizenship

CSD ITL 3810 Basic Spoken Italian

CSD ITL 3821 Elementary Italian I

CSD ITL 3822 Elementary Italian II

CSD ITL 3831 Elementary Italian I

CSD ITL 3832 Elementary Italian II

CSD ITL 3842 Elementary Italian II

CSD ITL 4805 Elementary Italian Language and Culture

CSD ITL 4821 Intermediate Italian I

CSD ITL 4822 Intermediate Italian II

CSD ITL 4831 Intermediate Italian I

CSD ITL 4832 Intermediate Italian II

CSD ITL 4841 Intermediate Italian I

CSD ITL 4842 Intermediate Italian II

CSD ITL 5830 Advanced Italian Language

CSD LIT 5800 Italian Literature in Translation

CSD LIT 5805 Real and Imagined Journeys Italy Epic and the Self

CSD LIT 5810 Dante in Translation

CSD LIT 5815 Roman Life and Thought

CSD MGT 5800 Principles of Management

CSD MGT 5810 Human Resource Management

CSD MGT 5850 Project Management for Arts and Culture

CSD MKT 5800 Principles of Marketing

CSD MKT 5805 Fashion Marketing and Retail

CSD MKT 5810 Psychology of Fashion and Luxury Goods

CSD MKT 5820 Wine Marketing

CSD PHL 5800 Classical Mythology

CSD PHL 5805 Mysticism and Magic in Medieval & Renaissance Italy

CSD PHL 5810 History of Western Philosophy

CSD PHL 5815 Modern European Mind

CSD PLT 5805 Italian Society from Fascism to the present

CSD PLT 5810 The European Union in the new International System

CSD PSY 4800 Cross Cultural Psychology

CSD PSY 5835 Cross Cultural Psychology

CSD RLG 5800 Religions and Cults of the Roman Empire

CSD RLG 5810 Comparative World Religions

CSD SCL 5810 Women in Italian Society

CSD SCL 5820 Sociology of Italian Soccer

CSD SCL 5855 Culture and Style in Italy

CSD XXX 6862 Italy Internship (6 credit)


CSD APR 7100 Advertising Practice

CSD APR 7101 Public Relations Practice

CSD APR 7102 Advertising and Public Relations in Context

CSD APR 7103 Advertising and Public Relations in the Global Marketing Communications Mix

CSD APR 7104 Professional Digital Media Skills

CSD APR 7105 Advertising Public Relations and Journalism in Context

CSD APR 7110 Political Communication

CSD APR 7115 Fashion and Luxury Brands and the Media

CSD APR 7120 Celebrities, Marketing and the Media

CSD APR 7125 Fashion and Luxury Brands and the Media

CSD APR 7500 Professional Research Project

CSD APR 7550 Extended Professional Research Project

CSD APR 7902 Internship

CSD AVC 7100 Research Methods

CSD AVC 7102 Art & Its Histories

CSD AVC 7103 World Arts

CSD AVC 7104 Contemporary Art

CSD AVC 7105 Visual Cultures

CSD AVC 7500 Thesis Research

CSD AVC 7550 Extended Thesis Research

CSD AVC 7902 Internship

CSD DEV 7100 Research Methodology

CSD DEV 7101 Theories of International Development

CSD DEV 7102 International Organization

CSD DEV 7105 Development Methodologies and Practices

CSD DEV 7400 African Development Politics

CSD DEV 7401 Gender and Development

CSD DEV 7402 Migration Labour and Development

CSD DEV 7403 Imperialism and Post-Colonial Theory

CSD DEV 7404 Political Economy Of Development in Latin America

CSD DEV 7405 NGO Project Management

CSD DEV 7500 Thesis Research

CSD DEV 7550 Extended Thesis Research

CSD DEV 7902 Internship

CSD ECN 7100 Economics for Business

CSD ENT 7100 Entrepreneurship Management

CSD ENT 7110 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

CSD FNN 7102 Financial Management

CSD FNN 7400 International Financial Management

CSD INR 7100 Research Methodology

CSD INR 7101 International Relations Theory and Concepts

CSD INR 7105 Global Political Economy

CSD INR 7106 Global Poverty and Security Challenges

CSD INR 7120 Origins and Development of International Relations

CSD INR 7121 International Relations and the Media

CSD INR 7403 Global Environmental Politics

CSD INR 7422 Conflict and Post-Conflict Studies

CSD INR 7423 Diplomacy

CSD INR 7424 International Politics of East Asia

CSD INR 7425 The Middle East and International Politics

CSD INR 7426 US Foreign Policy

CSD INR 7427 World Energy – Politics and Markets

CSD INR 7428 Human Rights and Global Politics

CSD INR 7500 Thesis Research

CSD INR 7550 Extended Thesis Research

CSD INR 7902 Internship

CSD LBM 7101 Global History of Luxury

CSD LBM 7102 Strategic Brand Management

CSD LBM 7103 Consumer Culture Theory and Insight

CSD LBM 7104 Advertising PR and Sponsorship

CSD LBM 7105 Emerging and Future Industry Trends

CSD LBM 7400 Luxury Product and Service Design

CSD LBM 7401 Entrepreneurship and Project Planning

CSD LBM 7402 Digital and Social Media Management

CSD LBM 7103 Consumer Culture Theory and Insight

CSD LBM 7104 Advertising PR and Sponsorship

CSD LBM 7105 Emerging and Future Industry Trends

CSD LBM 7400 Luxury Product and Service Design

CSD LBM 7401 Entrepreneurship and Project Planning

CSD LBM 7402 Digital and Social Media Management

CSD LBM 7403 Management and Negotiation Draft

CSD LBM 7500 Dissertation

CSD LBM 7505 Consultancy Project

CSD LBM 7902 Internship

CSD MBL 7101 Comparative Corporate Governance

CSD MBL 7102 International Trade Law

CSD MBL 7103 Legal Aspects of International Finance

CSD MBL 7104 Conflicts of Business Law

CSD MBL 7105 International Mergers Acquisitions

CSD MBL 7400 International Financial Regulation

CSD MBL 7401 Intellectual Property Law

CSD MBL 7402 International Arbitration & Mediation

CSD MBL 7403 International Technology Law

CSD MBL 7500 Dissertation

CSD MBL 7550 Extended Dissertation

CSD MBL 7902 Dissertation

CSD MBL 7902 Internship

CSD MGT 7101 Project Management

CSD MGT 7110 Managing Organisations and People

CSD MGT 7120 Corporate Governance

CSD MGT 7125 Leadership and Corporate Strategy

CSD MGT 7130 Strategic Management

CSD MGT 7135 Leadership and Strategic Change

CSD MGT 7150 Research Methods

CSD MGT 7500 Dissertation

CSD MGT 7550 Extended Dissertation

CSD MGT 7902 Internship

CSD MKT 7100 Global Marketing Strategy

CSD MKT 7110 Marketing in a Digital World

CSD MKT 7400 Fashion Management

CSD PRJ 7101 Journalism Practice

CSD PRJ 7102 PR Journalism and the Media

CSD PRJ 7104 Professional Digital Media Skills

CSD PRJ 7500 Professional Research Project

CSD PRJ 7550 Extended Professional Research Project

CSD PRJ 7902 Internship

CSD VAM 7100 Research Methods

CSD VAM 7102 Arts Policy

CSD VAM 7103 Arts Managment and Marketing

CSD VAM 7104 Curating

CSD VAM 7105 Art Education and the Gallery

CSD VAM 7106 The International Art Market

CSD VAM 7500 Professional Research Project

CSD VAM 7550 Extended Professional Research Project

CSD VAM 7902 Internship