Course Specification Documents 2017/2018


CSD_ACC 4200 Financial Accounting

CSD_AVC 6410 Visualising People & Place

CSD_COM 4415 Contemporary London Performance

CSD_COM 4420 Writing Science Fiction

CSD_DEV 7405 NGO Project Management

CSD_EAP 3270 Fundamentals of Research & Writing

CSD_EAP 3275 Fundamentals of Academic Language

CSD_ECN 4105 Intro to Microeconomics

CSD_ECN 4110 Intro to Macroeconomics

CSD_FNN 6420 International Financial History

CSD_GEP 3120 Quantitative Reasoning

CSD_HST 3800 Med Ren Italy

CSD_HST 5705 TP The Vikings

CSD_HST 5710 TP For Queer and Country

CSD_HST 5830 Med Ren Italy

CSD_HST 5835 A History of Western Medicine From Antiquity to the Scientific Revolution

CSD_HST 5840 Monks of War

CSD_HST 5845 The Papacy a History of the Roman Catholic Church

CSD_INB 6210 European Business Environment

CSD_INR 7106 Global Poverty and Security Challenges

CSD_INR 7427 World Energy – Politics and Markets

CSD_INR 7428 Human Rights and Global Politics

CSD_JRN 4200 Intro to Writing for Media

CSD_JRN 5200 Feature Writing

CSD_JRN 5400 Entertainment Arts and the Media

CSD_JRN 6205 Media Ethics and Law

CSD_MGT 4205 Computer Applications for Management

CSD_MGT 5225 Professional Skills

CSD_MGT 5800 Principles of Management

CSD_MGT 6297 Senior Project in Business

CSD_MKT 4100 Intro to Marketing

CSD_MKT 4200 Introduction to the Business of Fashion

CSD_MKT 5815 International Marketing

CSD_MKT 6220 Digital Marketing and Social Media

CSD_PHL 5815 Modern European Mind

CSD_PSY 5835 Cross Cultural Psychology

CSD_THR 5225 Dramaturgy & Devised Performance

CSD_THR 5405 Shakespeare and His World I

CSD_THR 5410 Shakespeare and His World II

CSD_THR 6335 Arts Administration & Producing