Peer Tutors at Richmond are current students who are paid by the University to offer academic support to others across a range of subject areas. If you’re finding a particular topic challenging, at least one of our Tutors is likely to have relevant experience that they can share.

Peer Tutors don’t do your work for you (this is likely to be considered plagiarism). Instead, they offer guidance and supporting knowledge to help you achieve your potential. If you do request a Peer Tutor, you will be asked to accept several terms and conditions which make the role of the Tutor, and our expectations of you, clear.

Peer Tutoring is paid for by the University and so we encourage any students to participate who may benefit.

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You may need to consult the University Catalogue and/or PowerCampus Self Service for the Course Code and Course Title.
Terms and Conditions*
1. You are required to attend the tutoring sessions you have reserved with your tutor. If you are unable to make the session, you must contact your tutor(s) and Student Affairs AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE and inform him/her of a re-scheduled date and time. Repeated instances of cancelling sessions may result you losing your tutor.
2. You must complete the tutor’s log at the end of each session, or when requested by the tutor, and agree on the description on what was covered..
3. Having a tutor does not guarantee you a high grade.
4. Currently, all peer tutor meetings are held virtually. You must be able to meet over video call and have a working microphone and camera, if possible.
5. You must treat your tutor(s) with respect and courtesy regardless of their gender, age, nationality, ethnic background, and/or religion. You have the right to expect the same from your tutor(s).
6. You may terminate the tutoring session if you are subjected to inappropriate behaviour from the tutor(s). The incident(s) must be reported to Student Affairs.
7. Your tutor(s) will not teach you. Only provide you with direction, guidance and support.
8. Your tutor(s) will not undertake any assignments on your behalf. Doing so may result in a case of plagiarism being brought forward. Please refer to the academic code for explanations and consequences of plagiarism.
9. You must respect confidentiality with your tutor(s).
10. Your tutor will be paid by the University, so there should be no exchange of funds.

Any violation of the above terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of your rights to be tutored in Richmond, the American International University in London.
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