This blog was created to provide an insight into what life at Richmond, American University London is really like. It’s written by the people who know it best: our students.

Learn from both our current students and alumni about student life, what it is like to study at Richmond and live in cosmopolitan London.

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Richmond, the American International University in London, has a broad range of expertise across a number of areas, including the liberal arts, international relations, international history, business management, communications, arts and social sciences.

If you’re a journalist and you’d like to get in touch with any of our experts, or find out more, please get in touch with Ceri Schooling in the PR and Communications team,

Dr Jane Norris

Associate Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Areas of expertise: design theory, specifically luxury product future trends.

Professor George Zhang

Professor of Chinese; Director, Centre for Modern Languages

Areas of expertise – Chinese language learning and teaching, intercultural communications and cross-cultural business management, language policy, language competence, language standards and assessment, teacher training and professional development.

Hadi Enayat

Assistant Professor of Politics

Areas of expertise – religion and international relations, the sociology of law and secularism studies.

Dr Eunice Goes

Professor of Politics

Areas of expertise – British party politics, British political thought and Britain’s relationship with Europe.

Dr Michael F. Keating

Professor of International Political Economy

Areas of expertise – global best practices, Neo-liberalism, energy and infrastructure, financial sector reform, knowledge economies and innovation systems, tertiary education, politics in sub-Saharan Africa and East/South-East Asia.

Dr Paul Rekret

Associate Professor of Politics

Areas of expertise – modern and contemporary political theory, sociology of childhood, theories of democracy, global politics of popular culture.

Dr Christopher Wylde

Associate Professor in International Relations

Areas of expertise – global development politics, Latin American development, Argentine political economy, and Brazilian political economy.

Professor Dominic Alessio

Professor of History; Vice President of International Programmes

Areas of expertise – theories of empire (especially South Pacific related), science fiction film, radical right politics

Dr Martin D. Brown

Associate Dean for Research; Associate Professor of International History

Areas of expertise – international history, the Cold War, European diplomatic history, James Bond

Professor Simon Goldsworthy

Professor of Public Relations and Advertising

Areas of expertise – public relations, advertising, journalism, propaganda, celebrity culture, ethics, censorship and political communication

Dr Ira Konstantinou

Professor of Psychology

Areas of expertise – psychology, cognitive processes of memory and awareness, critical thinking

Nicola Mann

Associate Professor of Communications and Visual Cultures

Areas of expertise – visual culture, popular culture, urban regeneration, cultural studies, the social value of the arts, museum education

Dr Sue Pell

Assistant Professor of Communications

Areas of expertise – activist archives, DIY archives, social housing activism, anti-gentrification campaigns, urban social movements, social movement communication, public sphere and democracy

Dr Robert J. Wallis

Professor of Visual Culture; Associate Dean; Convenor of the MA in Art History and Visual Culture; School of Communications, Arts and Social Sciences and Director of the Research Centre for International Visual Arts and Cultures

Areas of expertise – the archaeology and anthropology of art and religion, with a focus on rock art, shamanism, neo-shamanism; Britain in the prehistoric, Anglo-Saxon and Viking periods; the archaeology of falconry

Professor Trevor Morris

Professor of Public Relations

Areas of expertise – Public Relations and Political Communications

Dr Ivan K. Cohen

Associate Professor of Finance and Economics; Chair of Faculty Senate

Areas of expertise: Monetary / macroeconomics, UK pension funds; health economics and management; Association football (soccer) finance and economics.

Dr. Parviz Dabir-Alai

Professor of Economics; Chair, Wellbeing Research Centre

Areas of expertise – a) Emerging economy issues, particularly with respect to areas of economic reform and also idiosyncratic labour markets; b) Economics of happiness; c) Financing of large scale infrastructure projects within the Caribbean region

Professor Dr. Carola Hieker

Associate Professor of Business and Management; MBA Director

Areas of expertise: organizational behavior, leadership, coaching & mentoring, diversity

Associate Professor Nastaran Nourouzi Richards-Carpenter

Associate Professor of Marketing; Programme Director of MA Luxury Brand Management

Areas of expertise – marketing, psychology and buying behaviour of luxury goods, fashion and luxury brand management

Associate Professor Inma Ramos

Associate Professor in Business, Management and Law

Areas of expertise – international investment banking and international corporate finance law, compliance and regulation, with a particular emphasis on Corporate Governance in Financial Markets

Professor Sabine Spangenberg

Professor of Economics; Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes

Areas of expertise – history of economic thought, welfare economics, public economics