My walk in Victoria Park


As you might know, I came back a couple of weeks ago to London, in order to stay for a little while and send most of my things back home, so I can move out. All courses are going to be online for this semester, so there is no need to be here alone. I might come back, post-Covid. For my last days in London, I thought that it would be great to visit a few places that I haven’t been to for a while. After I stayed at home for 10 days, as the Government suggests for those who just arrived in the UK, I decided to go for a walk with an old friend close to our homes on Saturday.

We agreed to go to Victoria Park, which is in East London. Although, I realized two things. The first one is that no matter the cold, people decided to escape for a while with their family members and friends. The park was crowded, even though it’s a huge park. People were walking by themselves, with someone else or with their dogs, running and having coffee. The second thing I realized was that there are many hidden treasures in London, and we have no idea about it. I lived in London since 2018, and I had no idea about this park.

We had a great time there and we took some pictures. A few days after, I decided to go on another walk, but by myself this time. I wanted to visit central London and walk in front of Big Ben, London Eye, Piccadilly Circus and even Green Park. The weather was better this time, and again people were walking, running, and having a good time with their friends.

For the first time I realized that everything was closed in London and that felt a little bit depressing. I hope that the next time I come to London, everything will be open, and people will be free to go anywhere.

Even though I only have a few days left in London, I will try to explore as much as I can and go again to Central London, Borough market and get into the cable car in North Greenwich, near O2 and I will share this experience.

Until then, stay safe and sane


Eirini Pantelidou