Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Statement

The University believes that that all students and staff have the right to study and work in an environment in which they are respected for the contributions they make, free from any form of sexual and gender-based violence, abuse or harassment.

The University recognises that sexual and gender-based violence is a problem that affects all of society, including the higher education sector, and we are committed to addressing these issues as part of our broader commitment to unity in diversity.

Sexual misconduct relates to all unwanted contact of a sexual nature including, but not limited to harassment, bullying, assault, rape, unwanted physical contact, intimidation, use of explicit messages and/or photos, and unwanted comments of a sexual or sexualised nature. These are considered serious offences and are managed through the Student Code of Conduct for students and via the Employee Handbook for staff.

If a student, staff member or visitor encounters harassment a complaint should be made (anonymous, person-specific, electronic or face to face) through either the internal portal, the Student Affairs Department or via Human Resources Department.