I officially invite you all to Greece for a great summer

Hello dear fellow students,

Now that the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations are over, I am ready to move forward with my classes and assignments. A new day starts with many changes taking place.

First of all, I finished my courses and now I will start a new internship in the next six weeks. I am very happy for this opportunity and will try my best. This internship is in the organization PAC (People Are Culture) where I will be working on my marketing skills, but I will also create content. After that, I have the whole summer to finish my dissertation and get my masters degree.

In other news, the situation in Greece is starting to get better. Last week, all the outdoor coffee shops, bars and restaurants opened, and people couldn’t be more excited about this. In some cases, in order to have a coffee or a drink you needed a reservation. In addition, everyone was happy to have their coffee, for the first time after 6 months, in a real glass. Although there are restrictions on the number of people who can sit at one table, the distance between tables and the people who can sit in every store. One of the most annoying restrictions was that there was no music allowed in any restaurant or bar and that displeased everyone.

My first coffee in a coffee shop near my house was an amazing experience and I never thought that I would feel blessed for going out with my friends.  Moreover, from 15th May, the Greek government announced that it is opening its borders to tourists and that means that they will relax the measures even more and allow more activities to take place. Of course, all that is taking place because the vaccinations are in a good rhythm, even though it’s a bit slow, and the self-tests that many people have to do twice a week in order to go to school or their workplaces. I really hope I will get the chance to go to the gym before I go to the beach.

At this point, everyone is hoping for a Covid-free summer and getting back to normality as soon as possible.

I officially invite you all to Greece for a great summer and, as always, I will keep you posted on any new developments.


Eirini Pantelidou