How can I define this? It is a new adventure for me.

It is about a new life, step out of my comfort zone, open my horizons.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have doubts, fears. I can remember how many times I wasn’t sure about making the good decision. But here I am, in London after living for my entire life in France.

Why London? For me London was the only place I could live more than one year for several reasons.

First, I have always wanted to be bilingual and discover an English culture. Second, close to my family, I didn’t want to be far away them, therefore 2 hours away was a perfect compromise. And finally, the most important reason: I love London!

So basically when I discovered Richmond American University London, it checked all the boxes. I can gain a UK and US degree and it is in London. Furthermore, there was a lot of choices about masters, the courses seemed interesting and therefore I did not hesitate.

So, a few weeks ago here I was, ready to start my new adventure at Richmond American University London in MBA: Marketing.

I started in spring semester so I had a whole week about the presentation of the University: the campus, the library, the staff members, and activities in London.

About the campus? I really enjoyed it because it is modern, not huge but still well equipped: we have everything that we need. Also, I think the university has a great location because we are surrounded by big companies, restaurants, and a green space: it is a lovely place.

About the courses? They explained to us how classes were organized, what we will have to do, what are their expectations. And it was a little surprising to see that except grades it was pretty much like schools of communication in France rather than French universities.

For our orientation information, the university proposed different kinds of activities in which we can register to discover new places and be able to meet other students.

So, thanks to this initiative, I visited Sky Garden and National Gallery which were fascinating places.

About students? It is incredible to see how students come from all around the world, I think it is interesting and this makes this adventure more fulfilling that I was expecting.

Next time, I will tell you more about my first week of classes.


Thank you for your time,

Have a nice day ☀