Research Centre for the Study of the State, Power and Globalisation (SPG)

Research Cluster for the Study of the State, Power and Globalisation (SPG)The Research Centre for the Study of the State, Power and Globalisation seeks to promote the study of the most predominant political questions of our time. The cluster seeks to organise and form links between researchers across Richmond University engaged in the analysis of the historical and ongoing transformation of political agents and structures at the level of the state and of international politics and seeks to understand the complex intersections and interplay between local and state power and the forces of globalisation. The cluster functions as a platform to connect and form links between research across disciplines in such diverse areas as contemporary political theory, ideology, social movements; global conflict and governance; and global political economy and development. The research cluster reflects the scholarly and pedagogical aims of Richmond University’s taught degree programmes in Political Science, International Relations, International and Development Economics, Communications, and History. In particular, the cluster’s research area reflects the aims of the MA International Relations and MA International Development.

SPG Membership
London is Open: Cultural Diplomacy post Brexit 27.03.2017
Richmond held a conference, London is Open: Cultural Diplomacy post-Brexit on 27 March 2017 at the Kensington Campus.
The well-attended event included contributions from: Mafalda Damaso, Goldsmiths University; Mike Clewley, Cultural Tourism Officer; Amanda Decker, Greater London Authority; Eleanor Pinfield, Head of Art of the Underground, Transport for London; Richard Dufty, Senior Producer, Battersea Arts Centre; Chair Simon Rofe, SOAS; Aimee Fullman, University of Westminster; Ellen Wettmark, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Sweden and Rebecca Walton, Regional Director EU, British Council
The conference was organised by Dr Martin D. Brown, Dr Nick Ferguson and Dr Oonagh Murphy, in collaboration with the International Visual Arts and Culture, and the State, Power and Globalisation research centres, and with generous support from the Gul Tokay & Birgan Iseri funds.

Richmond’s “Mapping for Justice” Public Showcase: videos now available From drone strikes to racist attacks, from precarious labour to gentrification, how do maps help us understand injustice and illuminate struggle? This public showcase and discussion explored how mapmakers engage our geographical imaginations and use the power of maps for social change. From oral history to twitter data-mining, our featured mapmakers use a variety of techniques to make injustice visible. Whether made with paper and pen or on open source platforms, maps can give way to new tactics and strategies for intervention.A video of the full event is available here.
Featured maps were presented by:
Anna Feigenbaum / Civic Media Hub (Bournemouth University): Mapping Tear Gas
Jack Serle / Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Covert Drone War
Jaya Klara Brekke / The City at a Time of Crisis (ESRC project, now at Durham University): Mapping racist violence in Athens
Nate Eisenstadt / Know Your Bristol (AHRC project, Bristol University): Map Your Bristol
Steve McFarland / CUNY Adjunct Project (now at University of Tampa): Adjunct Map
Albane Duvillier / Architectural Association: London’s Housing Struggles
Mara Ferreri / Southwarknotes (now at Durham University): Heygate Displacement
B.A.G.A.G.E. / Reclaim Brixton
This event is organised by Bournemouth University’s Civic Media Hub and The Tear Gas Research Connection, with Sue Pell & Paul Rekret at Richmond, The American International University in London

Myth-Weavers The Fifth Fantasy Symposium

20thNovember 2015
9.45-10am  Welcome (Coffee)
10.00-10.45         Mattias Fyhr (Stockholm): “A definition of the Gothic: So you don’t have to feel anxious about it any more”
10.45-11.15         Philippa Semper (University of Birmingham): “The past is a fantastical country”
11.15-11.45         Jon Mackley (University of Northampton): “The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack”
11.45-12.15         Dom Alessio (Richmond): “Re-Imagining Empire and Proto-Fascism through Science Fiction”
General Roundup
12.30-1.30pm Lunch
1.30-2.30pm Student Presentations  (1)
Damien Ashton-Wellman (10+5) “Building Better Worlds?: Re-Thinking Empire and the Role of  Corporations through the SF films of James Cameron” (Richmond)
Zoe Pape (10+5) “Identity: A Tale of Two Alices” (Northampton)
Darcy Sandvik (10+5): “Title TBC” (Richmond)
2.30-2.45 Coffee
Chris Harris (10+5) “How Tolkien Offers a Marxist Critique using Medieval Texts in The Hobbit” (Northampton)
Bobby Marinov (10+5) “A Postcolonial analysis of Battlestar Galactica” (Richmond)
Courtney Claunch (10+5) ‘The Uncanny in Du Maurier’s “The Doll”’ (Northampton)
3.45-4pm Closing remarks

Biotechnology, Biopolitics, & Biocapital Workshop

Friday October 23, 2015
2.00 – 6.00 pm
Upper Dining Hall, Atlantic House
Richmond University
1 St. Alban’s Grove
London, W8 5PN
Advances in our ability to make circulate, to intervene and to enhance biological functions have meant that the realm of culture now involves the transformation and commodification of ‘nature’ at its most elemental and molecular levels. This workshop interrogates changing understandings of ‘life’, the human, and the natural in the context of these and related developments in biotechnology, biopolitics and bio-capital.
Benoît Dillet (Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies) ‘Automation, Desire and Capital’
Alexander Wilson (Aarhus University) ‘Chronopolitics, Biotechnology, and the Post-Human Narrative’
Danielle Sands (Royal Holloway) ‘Gaia, Gender, and the Anthropocene’
Paul Rekret (Richmond) ‘Cogito Ergo Habo’
All welcome. Please register at
For enquiries contact Paul Rekret
Part of the ‘Living in the Anthropocene: Rethinking the Nature/Culture Divide’ Workshop Series

12 November, 2014
(Re)Visioning the Urban Imagination: The Art and Politics of Redevelopment
Over the last ten to fifteen years, London like most other global cities has experienced unprecedented levels of urban redevelopment. Urban transformations have found powerful representational form in contradictory images of gritty television and film thrillers centred on crumbling tower blocks and run-down shopping precincts, on the one hand, and those of air-brushed brochures and advertisements of regeneration projects put out by private developers, on the other. Underlying these images of the city is the politics of revisioning urban development, where the everyday life of inhabitants intersects the aspirations of politicians, planners, artists and activists.
Supported by the International Visual Arts and Culture (IVAC) and State, Power, and Globalization (SPG) research clusters at Richmond University.


Fall 2018 Seminar Series:

-‘Crisis and Polarisation in Latin America’, Jeff Webber, Queen Mary University of London, October 1, 2018.

-‘Climate Change as Security Issue’, Caroline Varin, Professors Without Borders, 17 October, 2018.

-‘Fortress Europe: The Historical Origins of the European Frontier’, Luke Cooper, Anglia Ruskin University, October 30, 2018.

-‘Ukrainian Foreign Policy: Reality and Perspectives’, Hon. Mrs. Natalia Galibarenko, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, November 14, 2018.

-‘How England’s Merchants Founded America And Launched The British Empire Before The Pilgrims’, Dr. Simon Targett, November 28, 2018.

Spring 2018 Seminar Series:

-‘New Books in Politics with Michael Keating, Rafal Soborski, and Paul Rekret’, February 14, 2018.

`-Cyber and Political Risk’, Khaled Fattal, March 13, 2018.

Fall 2017 SPG Seminar Series:

-Fantasy Apocalypse – A One-Day Joint Symposium of all things Science Fiction, fantasy and horror with The University of Northampton and Richmond University

-“Diego Garcia: What, How, Where Now?” Allen Vincatassin, President of the Provisional Government of Diego Garcia & Chagos Islands, November 30, 2017.

-“Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the EU”, Dr. Eunice Goes (Richmond), November 23rd, 2017.

-“America First or America Alone? Trump on collision course with China’, Prof. Wolfgang Deckers (Richmond), 15 November 2017.

-“Virtual Warfare: 21st Century Warfare”, Daniel Wagner (CEO Country Risk Solutions), 29 November, 2017.

-“Emerging Markets and the State: Developmentalism in the 21st Century”, Dr. Chris Wylde (Richmond), 28 November, 2017.

-“Why (and How) International Commercial Law Matters to International Political Economy”, Dr. Edward S. Cohen (Westminster College), 12 October 2017.

-“US Presidential Election 2016: What Happened”, Dr. James Boys (Richmond), October 2017.

Spring 2017 SPG Seminar Series:

-“English Uprising: Brexit and the Right-Wing Revolt”, Dr. Paul Stocker (Richmond), 12th April.

-“THE ARMATURE OF SUMUD: GAZA’S NETWORKS OF RESILIENCE”, Prof Bruce Stanley, (Richmond), March 2, 2017.

-“US-UK Special Relations” with Mr Lew Lukens (Chargé d’Affaires ad interim, U.S. Embassy in London), 18 February 2017

Fall 2016 SPG Seminar Series:

-“Sexual Violence in Situations of Conflict and Displacement” Ms Charu Hogg (UCLA) and H.R.H. Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, November 9.

-“Basic Income In our Time: Political Prospects, Political Challenges”, Dr. Jurgen De Wispelaere (Research Fellow at Bath University; Visiting Research Fellow at Tampere University) 3 November 2016.

-“Rethinking Pacific Imperialism”, Dominic Alessio and Patricia Olle Tejero  (Richmond) October 5, 2016.

Spring 2016 SPG Seminar Series:

-“The Right in Latin America: Elite Power, Hegemony and the Struggle for the State” Barry Cannon, NUI Maynoot, March 3, 2016.

-“Developmentalism in the Twenty-First Century: States and Regimes in the Global Political Economy” Dr. Chris Wylde (Richmond).

-Launch of Eunice Goes’s ‘The Labour Party Under Ed Miliband: Trying But Failing to Renew Social Democracy’ (Manchester University Press, 2016) with Jon Cruddas MP, Simon Griffiths (Goldsmiths, University of London; Dionyssis Dimitrakopoulos (Birkbeck, University of London).

-Launch of Mike Keating’s ‘The Global Energy Challenge’ (Palgrave MacMillan 2015) with Caroline Kuzemko Energy Policy Group, University of Exeter and Andreas Goldthau School of Public Policy Central European University.

-“Globalizing Gender Politics”, Dr Roberta Guerrina (University of Surrey), March 2016.

-“The Far Right in the UK Today”, Professor Matthew Feldman, March 2016.

-U.S. Embassy’s Press Officer and Spokesperson Kathryn Crockart on Public Diplomacy, April 2016.

-“Globalizing Forces: Increasing Actorness and Diminishing Statehood in the EU”, Dr Maxine David (University of Leiden) February 2016.

-“Greek Elections: What Next For Greece? What Next for Syriza?”Maria Margaronis (London correspondent of Nation), March 2016

-Ambassador Federico Alberto Cuello Camilo, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on an Ambassador’s role, February 2016.

-“Western appropriation of Cold War memory”,  Dr Muriel Blaive Advisor to the Director for Research and Methodology, Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (ÚSTR), Prague, Czech Republic, February 2016.

-“Globalizing Gender Politics”, Dr Roberta Guerrina (University of Surrey), Friday 1 April 2016.

-“Public Diplomacy“, U.S. Embassy’s Press Officer and Spokesperson Kathryn Crockart, Tuesday March 15, 2016.

-“Globalizing Forces: Increasing Actorness and Diminishing Statehood in the EU”, Dr Maxine David (University of Leiden), Friday 19 February.

-“Global Migration and Global Cities: London”, Prof. John Eade (University of Rohehampton and University of Toronto) “Friday 5 February.

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