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Dr Jane Norris

Dr Jane Norris


Dr Jane Norris has a cross disciplinary background in Speculative Material Design, Critical Writing and Digital Media. Before joining Richmond University, she structured and led a BA Hons in 3D Design Craft for ten years, teaching material engagement and design theory. She has recently undertaken post-doctoral research in the Critical Writing department at the RCA. She gained her PhD: Viatopias – exploring the digital language of urban travel spaces. at Chelsea College of Art. UAL.


I am currently assembling research for a book: Listening to Materialsde-colonializing our relationship with matter. This work investigates the impact of digital theories of crumpled time, aerial viewpoints, posthuman audio and de-colonial making on our material use. My writing employs outside-enlightenment tactics such as material fiction short stories, para-fictional public projects and sonic design fiction workshops. These are published in near future fiction anthologies, magazine articles, academic papers in journals, and essays in books.


‘Beautiful Mirror-Being’, ‘#warbubble’ and ‘A letter from Celia’ three design fiction stories in Virtual Futures Vol 5 an anthology of near future fiction. 2018

‘The Dept. of RE-Pairing’ design fiction story in Virtual Futures Vol 1 an anthology of near future fiction. 2017

‘RE-Pairing’ article in ARC 21 RE- Issue RCA publication 2017

‘What Crumpling a Polychronic Materials Map Can Reveal’ in Design Issues Volume

33, Number 3. 2017

‘Touching Knowledge’ in Meet me in The Present – essay in collaborative RCA book. 2017

‘A-Z of Craft’ column in Crafts Council magazine CRAFTS. 2016

‘A View from the Throne’ – essay in Toilet edition of Dirty Furniture. 2016

‘Designed to Perform’ – Opinion piece in the 4th edition design magazine Fiera 2015

‘What is an Authentic Object’ – Opinion piece in the 3rd edition of Fiera 2015

‘A Call to Design by Mapping’ – Opinion piece in the 2nd edition of Fiera 2015

‘Making Polychronic Objects’ – Opinion piece in the 1st edition of Fiera 2014

‘Polychronic Objects Map’ – text and images in a map format at designjunction 2014

‘Making Students Who Make’ – paper in Havering College Research Journal 2013. Issue1

‘Viatopias’ Research@Chelsea 2003 issue 4 (p24 – 30) ISSN 1740-9241

Conference Panels

Keynote Speaker – ‘Para-fictional Material Design’ Edinburgh College of Art Links – Design Fiction 2017 Symposium

Chaired Craft Re-Defined Panel for 2017 London Craft Week at Fritz Hansen showroom.

Research Through Design 2017 conference: member of the Artefact and Museum Panel National Museum of Scotland.

Conference Papers

Listening to Materials – Performance presentation and workshop at Research Through Design 2019 conference Science Centre Delft, Nederlands.

Conversations with Materials – Performance presentation and workshop at Design Research Conference 2018 Limerick University Eire.

Polychronic Spoon Stories – Material Narrative in multi-temporal designing. Research Trough Design conference 2017 National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Polychronic Object Making for a Polychronic Society Design Research Society conference 2016 Brighton UK.

Subject Specialism v The Liberal Arts GLAD conference 2016 Birmingham Bullring Centre

Why Make Polychronic Objects? Making Futures conference 2015 Conference Plymouth College of Art

Making Polychronic Objects Research Trough Design conference 2015 Microsoft Centre Cambridge

Folded Digital Travel Space MeCCSA post Grad 2008 Conference Sussex University

Co-organised PhD ‘Biblio’ Research conference 2006 at Chelsea College of Art UAL.

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Some of the courses I teach:

GEP 3160 Creative Expression
GEP 3100 Transitions 1
GEP 3101 Transitions2
XXX 6972 Internship Supervision
DGT 4100 Coding, Content & Context1

Research Interest & Expertise:

Design fiction short stories
Para-fictional public projects
Sonic design fiction workshops
Aerial viewpoints
Crumpled time
Object emergence