Your chance to get tested!


As part of the National Testing Programme in the UK, students at Richmond who do not have COVID-19 symptoms will be able to get asymptomatic testing through our partners at Kingston University.

From 25 January, all students and staff at Richmond without any symptoms will be able to get tested free of charge. The new, quicker test (known as lateral flow antigen test) takes a few minutes with the result available within an hour and enables more people to be tested, more quickly without the need for a laboratory.

Lateral flow testing requires two tests to be done. First test: if positive, the patient will be asked to get a PCR test through the NHS; if negative, the patient will be asked to return in three days for another test.

This will support the economy and wider society to return to a more normal way of life. It will also help keep universities as safe as possible for students, staff and the wider community.

Students and staff without symptoms, but who carry the virus, are likely to spread the virus to many others. By testing them, we will be able to isolate, prevent the virus from spreading and protect others.

More details will be available within the next two weeks on how to book a test, which is entirely voluntary.

If you have symptoms, please do NOT book this test.  Book a PCR test through the NHS here.