Dr Theano Lianidou

Where leadership and diversity meet


Dr Theano Lianidou, Associate Professor of Management at Richmond, has just had an article published in the International Journal of Management Reviews, a British Academy of Management journal. The British Academy of Management is the leading authority in the academic field of management in the UK, supporting and representing the community of scholars and engaging with international peers.

Entitled, ‘Leader Diffuse Status and Leadership Outcomes: Toward an Integrative Framework’the article explores how a leader’s status related to characteristics such as gender and race can influence leadership outcomes, such as motivation to lead and perceived leader effectiveness.

As Dr Lianidou explains, “The focus for my article is on the leader’s ‘diffuse status’, so the status derived from demographic (e.g., gender and race) and physical (e.g., height and body shape) characteristics. It is a review article on a fascinating topic at the intersection of leadership and diversity.”