‘Society, You and Me’


Join our lecture this Friday on social values

Come and explore social values and welfare this Friday with the next event being held by Richmond Business School and the Wellbeing Research Centre as part of their Lecture Series.

Entitled, Construction of a Social Welfare Function under Consideration of Conditional Self-Interest, the lecture will be held on Friday 22 October at 2pm on MS Teams, led by Professor Sabine Spangenberg and Dr David Munyinyi.

Welfare functions have largely been constructed on the assumption that individuals’ utilities can be aggregated into collective utility.

The speakers will present an alternative approach providing implications for the definition of social values and the understanding of welfare.

From a philosophical approach they will argue that conditional self-interest in the form of consideration of moral sense and benevolence can inform on the limitations of common welfare assumptions.

They will be demonstrated by introducing a relationship between three entities: Society, You and Me. The analysis of this model (welfare function) will show that consideration for others and constrained self-interest will act to enhance societal benefit.

All Welcome!