Want to have a say in student life at Richmond? Join the Student Government Association!

If you would like to make a difference for other students at Richmond and learn new skills at the same time, why not join the University’s Student Government Association (SGA) for 2022-23.

The Elections will run from Monday, 18 April to Saturday, 23 April, with the winners being announced on Monday, 25 April.

There are eight roles available:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President for Academics
  • Vice President for Campus Life
  • Co-Events Coordinator (2)
  • Communications & Public Relations Director
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Nominations are open until this Saturday, 16 April, click here to make your voice heard!


This is what our students who are currently on the SGA have said about their experience, together with some of our alumni.

“Richmond does offer great opportunities not to just excel in the academic side but also in the leadership and volunteering side.  I have had the opportunity to be President of the Student Government for two years running when I have been trying to accomplish various goals from improving the facilities to advocating for students and organising great events. This has really helped to develop my leadership skills but also to develop as a person.”
Gonzalo Diaz-Rio Varez

“It has really been a pleasure to be part of Richmond’s Student Government and involved on campus. First as a senator, then Executive Vice President of Academics, being able to actively contribute to the wellbeing of the students and the success of the university has given me incredible opportunities. It allowed me to meet so many people and connect with them, it made me feel a stronger sense of community and really contributed to the development of my own social skills.”
Valeria Fioravanti
Executive Vice President for Academics

“After almost two years as a Vice President for Student Life, I feel like I have learned so much. While working in a team, I have developed skills in problem solving, communication, and leadership. Taking part in SGA has made being a part of the Richmond community that much more special!”
Bryan Cortright
Vice President for Student Life

“Being part of student government has led me to be more involved with my school and gain social skills which help me to better interact with my peers. Working as the Events Coordinator I felt motivated to bring Richmond students together to enjoy fun activities and make new friends!”
Nancy Mickler
Co-Events Coordinator

As a Student Senator, then Communications & PR Director, and now as President, my time with Richmond SGA has allowed me to grow immensely as both a student and a community member. Through student leadership, I’ve gained invaluable experience across skills such as multi-level working, event planning, and social media, and made more lasting connections here than I could count. The opportunities are endless, and I hope everyone takes advantage of them while they’re here.”
Sabrina Fielden
Communications & Public Relations Director

Becoming part of the SGA allowed me to further connect with our student community and gain more from my time at Richmond. The role of an SGA Treasurer provides exposure to financial management and offers professional experience in accounting and finance. I believe taking a student leadership role at Richmond is a highly rewarding experience and I strongly encourage everyone to do so.”
Marcin Stryjecki

“Being part of Student Government, first as Secretary and then as Executive Vice President for Academics, has been an immense privilege during my time at Richmond. Not only did I gain extremely valuable experiences from it, but it also brought me closer to the entire community, students and staff. It truly changed my university experience, and changed me as a person. Through the years, Richmond truly has become my home.”
Chiara Di Venosa