MA in Visual Arts Management and Curating

Visual Arts Management and Curating Student Successfully Completes Internship at The Wallace Collection

A core component of the MA in Visual Arts Management and Curating programme is a 9-week internship carried out over the summer months. Coming towards the end of their MA studies, students tell us that the internship provides them with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge they have gained during their time at Richmond. Students are placed with a wide range of leading cultural institutions depending on their personal interests. This week Haley Fortune, one of the students on the MA in Visual Arts Management and Curating successfully completed her internship at The Wallace Collection.

During her time with the Wallace Collection Haley has gained an insight into the wide range of activities education staff carry out on a daily basis, as she comes to the end of her time with the Wallace Collection she reflects on what for her was a hugely positive experience.

“This internship as a whole has been such a learning experience for me and that is what I would like to reflect upon as a whole. I have learned and been able to do so much in the field of museum education. I have been taught to think outside of the box for ways to link different sessions etc. to objects in the collection, which will be a useful tool in my future career. I have learned that you can link paintings to music and patterns to geometry, something I would have never thought of before. I have also been exposed to so many wonderful people through the community outreach programme, from participating in embroidering cloths with women who are deaf and hard of hearing to going on tours and reminiscing with people living with dementia. Learning has been the biggest part of this whole experience for me. Not only did I learn new skills but I also learned valuable lessons from people that I worked with. All the staff at the Wallace Collection were patient with me as I learned the ropes. I saw their confidence in me grow and as a result my confidence in myself has grown exponentially. This has definitely been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I look forward to applying the things I have learned to other places I am fortunate enough to work.”

“I can definitely say that I have grown as a person in my abilities and my confidence as a result of working with the education department at the Wallace Collection.”

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