Video produced for Professors without Borders is published by UNESCO

Richmond students have helped create a video for educational charity Professors Without Borders, which has been accepted and published by @UNESCO at this year’s World Higher Education Conference.

Entitled ‘Equitable Access to Online Education’, the video was edited and produced by a team of students at the University including Andrew Harford, Devon Roberts, Hadi Saad and Lauren Gardner, together with interviewees at the University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika and The African Leadership University.  It was recently launched by UNESCO at their Conference in Barcelona and is now available on UNESCO’s website. Watch here.

Professors Without Borders aims to make first class higher education opportunities available for students around the world. During the Covid pandemic, as with many other organisations, teaching moved online with professors volunteering their expertise in virtual classrooms in India, Ukraine or Thailand, among others. Professors Without Borders was created by a small team, including an alumni of Richmond, Tessy de Nassau, as well as a former Richmond professor, Caroline Varin.

The video project was overseen by Dr Sam Brooker, Associate Professor in Digital Communication at Richmond, who said, “We are very proud of our close association with Professors Without Borders and delighted that our students could be involved in the creation of a video for the organisation.  It’s a huge honour for us all to have played a part in this initiative which was commended by UNESCO. The aim of the video was to highlight the inequity of education, particularly in the rural areas where Professors Without Borders offer their teaching programmes.

The University supports the work of Professors Without Borders through various initiatives including student internships and co-operation on research projects, as well as providing professors in various locations around the world.