University Title Consultation – Richmond University

University Title Consultation

Dear Sirs,

University Title Consultation

We wish to consult you, as part of the application being made by Richmond, The American International University in London Inc (“RAIUL”) for UK University Title, and invite your comments on the name we propose. Kindly note this is a confidential exercise whose details should only be released to relevant parties within your organisation.

RAIUL is an international provider of U.S. degrees and has also been granted taught degree awarding powers (TDAP) allowing it to award U.K. degrees commencing August 2018. These powers are granted by the Privy Council, a formal body of advisors to Her Majesty the Queen, following rigorous scrutiny by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education.

RAIUL, which is based in Richmond on Thames and West London, has a 37-year history of awarding U.S. degrees accredited by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (“MSCHE”). It is now able additionally to develop U.K. degree programmes.

RAIUL now plans to apply for UK University Title under the name of American University London. The new name is subject to approval of the Secretary of State for Education or relevant Minister. In the absence of his approval on the new name then we will apply for UK university title under our current name. Our chosen UK university title is also subject to consultation with our US regulator, MSCHE.

As part of the process for applying for UK University Title, we are required to consult on our chosen name, and indeed on our current name in default of approval, in order to ensure that our chosen name is not likely to be confusing or misleading.

I am therefore pleased to share with you our intentions and to invite views on the title we propose. If you wish to respond, I should be grateful for any comments by Friday, 15 February 2019.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Lawrence Abeln

President of Richmond, The American International University in London

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