Undergraduate Symposium: The Post-Pandemic World

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Richmond and IVAC are organising an Undergraduate Symposium (a conference to discuss a particular subject) for Fall 21 that will explore the impact and aftermath of the pandemic, Covid and national lockdowns on our lifestyles, society, wellbeing, the world order and popular culture (over March 2019 to September 2021 and beyond) and this is a Call for Papers to explore this subject together.

This symposium is all inclusive and welcomes a diverse range of topics and contributions that investigate cultural, political, historical and industrial developments, allegories and storytelling, generational trends, politics, psychology, environmental and economic concerns, ecofeminism (the diversity and inclusion of different demographics affected during environmental catastrophes) as well as Western and Non-Western perspectives of the pandemic in film, television and other media, business, advertising and marketing, fashion and more! A central question to explore in your papers is: How has the ‘global uncertainty’ caused by the pandemic and lockdown impacted on our evolving hopes, desires and fears of the new decade ahead of us!

The event is also sponsored by a new film course launching in Fall 21 – FLM 5420: Post-Apocalyptic Worlds– and anyone who wishes to register on the course will also be able to develop their papers during our classes and guest lecture sessions. All student contributors will be able to request that their papers are published on an IVAC webpage dedicated to the symposium, which will help to raise your professional profiles in everyone’s respective Majors and Minors.

The deadline to submit your paper ‘abstracts’ is by the end of the Spring Semester.

Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words, including a title/theme, the key academic ideas, your case studies/examples, your argument approach/thesis, and also a list of useful bibliographical sources that will inform and support your papers.

Contributions from all Postgraduates and Faculty are also very welcome!

To submit your papers, and for any other information, please contact: caleb.turner@richmond.ac.uk.