The Minor in Theatre Arts is a great foundation in directing and performing arts with a choice of four additional courses from any of the Theatre courses in the higher levels.


I am a rising senior and interned for the Finance Department at The International Transport Workers’ Federation.

Working for the ITF was a revealing experience; I learned about the scope of my interests and if those interests coincide with a future in Finance or Accounting. This internship has provided me with the necessary skills of working efficiently without error and maintaining a strong focus throughout the day that will help me to be successful after Richmond.

I mostly am enjoying the positive relationships that I am building with my co-workers, which I hope will persist after I leave in August.

Working at the ITF is both challenging and comforting, and I am grateful for this experience.

Marlene Dieckert

Programme Structure

Minor requirements – US Credits 18 – UK Credits 72

This course introduces student to the basic principles of breathing, relaxation, vocal techniques and the oral interpretations of play texts and poetry. Students will explore the fundamentals of speaking in front of an audience. Drama games, storytelling, role-playing, playwriting and improvisation are used to explore the basic tenets of performance, with a specific focus on training the actor’s voice for performance.

Introduces students to the principles of directing and visual interpretation for the stage. The fundamentals of stage focus are closely examined, along with the natural areas of visual strength in blocking/staging and communicating with actors. Communication techniques for audiences through stage pictures and composition are evaluated and the underlying principles of the relationships between actor and director and the relationships between characters are examined. The course is a practical one: students work on exercises and progress to practical directing sessions of short assigned scenes, then onto the final chosen scene to be presented to an audience.

plus any four additional THR courses at Levels 5 or 6

Undergraduate Prospectus 2021