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The Minor in Marketing provides a great introduction to business, marketing and behaviour. It gives you the foundations to understanding marketing in a real world concept to support your future goals.

Please note, this minor is not available for students majoring in Business Management.


I graduated from Richmond in 2011 with my degree in BA Business Administration: Marketing and a Minor in Theatre. I chose to study at Richmond because of its location and international experience. During my time at Richmond, my favourite lecturer was Dr. Barclay for the reason that he was the best professor of theatre. Dr. Barclay had the best capability of grabbing my attention and keeping me interested. In every one of his classes, I learned something new.
My time at Richmond prepared me for my career path through the willingness of the professors. They are always willing to give advice on which career path to take and whether your current path is the correct one.

It’s not just about study, this is your story

Studying abroad

Whether you’re studying in another country, or studying here at the university in London, with Richmond University you have the opportunity to study abroad. That could mean trying out university in London for a semester to a year, studying overseas at any of our partner locations across the world, or taking part in a world internship – designed to give you the experience you need to complement your programme.


We offer career support and advice throughout your studies (through the Careers & Internships Office), doing everything we can to make sure you stand out from the crowd when you graduate. Just by taking part in a liberal arts degree, you’re learning a wealth of transferable skills, including learning to adapt to the working climate – essential criteria employers look for. You could also benefit from work experiences and internships as part of your programme; giving you an extra advantage at the start of your career.

Post graduation

  • Marketing Professional
  • Market Research
  • Public Relations
  • Media
  • Advertising

Programme Structure

Minor requirements – US Credits 18 – UK Credits 72

An introduction to basic economic methodology. Within a framework of supply and demand analysis, the behavior of producers and consumers is examined in the context of the efficient allocation of scarce resources in society.

This course explores the context within which business practice takes place and how external and internal influences facilitate or limit business operations. Legal, political and economic factors shaping business operations at the macro- and micro- levels are considered, as well as the influence of market forces in a rapidly changing economic environment. ***This course is replaced by MGT 3200 Foundations of Business. By completing MGT 3200 you will fulfil the course requirements for MGT 4200***

The course introduces students to the principles and operations of marketing. Course work includes an in-depth analysis of the strategic role marketing plays in contemporary business from new product development, marketing research and target marketing to consumer behavior analysis, advertising and promotion and personal selling activities. Each variable of the marketing mix will be covered in detail and the macro and micro business environment will be assessed for their impact on marketing planning. Lectures, discussion topics, case studies, videos and practical exercises are used to cover the course material. Prerequisite: For Business Administration majors: Completion of the Richmond core, MGT 4205, MTH 4120, and MGT 5210. For Communication majors: MGT 4200 with a minimum grade achieved of C, and COM 5200.

The course will focus on the study of consumers and their behavioural patterns in the consumption and purchase of product/services as well as the impact of information technology (social media, digital media) on consumer behaviour. It examines behavioural and cognitive psychology and their application in order to measure and interpreting consumers’ formation of attitudes and beliefs. The course provides a psychoanalytic perspective in order to inform the development of marketing strategy as well as to what motivates individual to purchase a specific branded products. It provides an in depth understanding of the consumption culture in modern and postmodern life and how marketers develop life style branding strategies to attract different group of consumers market segments.

The course provides an in depth study and application of advertising and its role in marketing strategies. Topics include: identification of relevant data to analyse the marketing situation; development of product/brand positioning; marketing and advertising objectives and strategies; creative strategy; media planning and evaluation; consumer motivation and advertising appeals; consumer buying behaviour; promotional communication opportunity analysis, branding and corporate image; target audiences; print and broadcast production; budgeting.

plus one Level 6 MKT

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