The Minor in Chinese Studies is a language based minor that provides a valuable insight into Chinese language and culture, Chinese philosophy and their relevance to modern Chinese society today. In addition to Modern China as the sixth course of the Minor, new optional courses are being planned on China’s economic reform and business development, Chinese history, Chinese art, and Chinese media studies.

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Studying abroad

Whether you’re studying in another country, or studying here at the university in London, with Richmond University you have the opportunity to study abroad. That could mean trying out university in London for a semester to a year, studying overseas at any of our partner locations across the world, or taking part in a world internship – designed to give you the experience you need to complement your programme.

Beijing Culture and Language University, China

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was established in 1962. Known as Little United Nations, is the only university of its kind in China that promotes Chinese all over the world and offers Chinese language and culture courses to foreign students. Since its foundation in 1962, BLCU has been an important academic base for language and culture research and the cradle for international talents in China. Since its founding, the university has trained some 120,000 foreign students who are proficient in the Chinese language and familiar with the Chinese culture from 176 countries and regions.

Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Jinan University (JNU) is a public research and comprehensive university based in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and north-northeast of Macau. It is one of the oldest universities established on mainland China tracing back to the Qing Empire. Its mission is to spread Chinese learning and culture from North to South, and from China overseas. Jinan University was the first university in China to recruit foreign students, and is currently the Chinese university with the largest number of international students.


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Post graduation

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Minor requirements – US Credits 18 – UK Credits 72

MCL 4100 (3 CREDITS) Chinese Language and Culture 1

MCL 4105 (3 CREDITS) Chinese Language and Culture 2

MCL 5100 (3 CREDITS) Chinese Language and Culture 3

MCL 5105 (3 CREDITS) Chinese Language and Culture 4

MCL 5205 (3 CREDITS) Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Society

The course will be based on critical reading and interpretation of selected texts available in English by influential Chinese thinkers and philosophers in ancient times such as Confucius, Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi etc. and analytical and critical commentary writings by both Chinese and European sinologists. With emphasis on a few fundamental concepts and ideas that impact on the Chinese way of thinking and behaviour, the course explores how the Chinese people and society interact with such key philosophies, ideas and events that construct the Chinese culture and underlines the structure and working of the Chinese society in the past and at the present.

plus the following

PLT 5425 (3 CREDITS) Modern China
Examines aspects of China’s history such as the Opium Wars, the downfall of the Empire in 1911, the growth of nationalism and the ensuing civil war, the rise and decline of Maoism and the role of China in world politics, with particular reference to its increasing economic importance.

MCL 5210 (3 CREDITS) Contemporary China