Minor in Business Law

Do you want to know more about contract law? Are you interested in understanding what constitutional law is in comparison to law set by precedent? Do you have an interest in understanding the powers of supranational institutions such as the EU or that of international legal subjects?

The Minor in Law is hugely attractive for students of Business Management, Finance or Economics. It also attracts students of other disciplines such as Politics or International Relations.

Programme Structure

Minor in Business Law
US Credits
UK Credits
MGT 3200 Foundation of Business 3 12
MGT 4100 Introduction to Management 3 12
plus FOUR of the following: Minimum of 12 Minimum of 48
FNN 5215 Compliance and Regulation 3 12
MGT 5220 Legal and Ethical Concepts of Management 3 12
MGT 5415 Governance and Sustainability 3 12
MGT 5201 Employment Law for Managers 3 12
INB 6103 International Business Law 4 16
INR 6102 Managing the Multinational Corporation 4 16
JRN 6101 Media Ethics and Law 4 16
Minor Requirements 18 72