Associate Degree Film Studies: London to Los Angeles

Associate Degree Film Studies: London to Los Angeles

The Richmond Associate Degree in Film Studies programme offers a unique transnational, cross-disciplinary and affordable opportunity for its graduates to move on from London to Los Angeles to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and Media. The programme focuses upon the historical, critical, theoretical, and practical approaches to the study of film making in an international context. It is designed for those who have a passion for film, television, and the moving image, and for those who are seeking to develop a broad base of knowledge of film and practical film making skills. Our aim is to help students explore all aspects of film and the movie making business, thereby giving them the confidence and expertise they need to pursue careers as film makers, directors, screen play writers, documentary makers, casting directors, and executive producers.

Programme Structure

Unlike other programmes in the UK or the world, this collaborative programme is divided into two parts offered, respectively, in two of the world’s great film captials. The first part, at Richmond, The American International University in London, culminates in an American Associate Degree, an internationally recognised diploma. The associate Degree normally takes between 1-2 years to complete depending on transfer credit. The second part, at our partner university, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles (MSMU), culminates in an American Bachelor of Arts degree. Successful completion of the Associate Degree in Film Studies ensures that students may transfer to MSMU with maximum credit toward a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media. All Richmond students, whether domestic (UK and EU), US, or other international, who are admitted to MSMU under this Agreement, shall be awarded automatically a MSMU scholarship. The scholarship will make the tuition rate at MSMU equivalent, in US dollars, to the published tuition rate charged to the student by Richmond at the time of her/his entry into the AA Film Studies program.


Students begin their study at Richmond for 1 or 2 years (depending on A-level results and/or transfer classes). Here in one of the globe’s cultural capitals they develop a broad understanding of film production, media consumption, cultural institutions and practices, and the latest developments in moving image technologies while earning an Associate Degree in Film Studies.

Associate Degree in Film Studies Requirements

Year 1 (30 US credits)

ADM 3160           Foundations in Photography

COM 3100           Foundations of Mass Media and Communications

DEV 3100             Development and Culture: Representations in Film & Literature

                                                + 7 Core requirements

Year 2 (30 US credits)

AVC 4205             Introduction to Visual Culture                   

FLM 4200             Introduction to Film Studies                       

FLM 4205             Film in the Americas                                       

FLM 4210             Introduction to Film Making                      

GEP 4180             Research and Writing II                                

                                                + 5 additional electives                                 

                 Total transferable US credits:  60

Los Angeles

Transfer students to the Bachelor’s Degree programme at Mount Saint Mary’s University focus on more practical film making skills at its facility on the historic Sunset Last Palmas (formerly Hollywood Center) Studios. The site, home to some of America’s most successful movie and television productions, is located just minutes by foot from Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame.  There, students gain experience in the development, production, and post-production of cinematic storytelling—both narrative and documentary—through small classes, hands-on instruction, and one-on-one mentoring on an active studio lot. Students can specialize in such areas as photography, documentary, producing, screenwriting, cinematography, acting, and more. As both an Avid Learning Partner and a Black Magic Design educational partner, MSMU enables them to learn and certify in the leading industry software, including Media Composer, ProTools, and DaVinci Resolve.

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Requirements

Major Courses (24 US Credits)

FLM 137A            Screenwriting A

FLM 140A            Editing 1: AVID 101

FLM 143A            Post-Production Audio 1

FLM 144A            Digital Cinematography

FLM 198               Senior Capstone

                                + 3 additional Film electives

Core and Elective Courses (40 US Credits)

Minimum US credits to be completed at MSMU:  64

Minimum US credits required for the BA degree:  124 (60 in London + 64 in Los Angeles)

Tuition Fees: 2017/18 & 2018/19 entry per annum, students from:





Rest of the World


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