Lights, camera, action!  Join the Star Wars production team

This is your opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of the most successful film franchises ever.

On Monday 7 December at 5pm (GMT), several industry experts from Lucasfilm, the production company behind Star Wars, will be guest speakers at a webinar which is open to anyone interested in attending. You can register for this event here, which has been organised by Dr Caleb Turner, Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Richmond.

Lucasfilm is along the world’s leading entertainment service companies, a pioneer in visual effects and sound across multiple mediums, and is home to the legendary Star Wars and Indian Jones franchises.

Dr Turner said, “I’m really thrilled that we’ve been able to organise this event with Lucasfilm. It will not only be highly relevant for our film-related BA and MA programmes, but goes across the liberal arts courses at Richmond, including those which involve animation and graphic design, as well as fashion, visual culture, business and marketing.”

The film industry roles which will be explored include Directing, Production, Writing, Editing, Visual Effects Artistry and Digital Storytelling, Costume and Stage Design, Set Technician, Studio Management and Sound Design. More specifically at Lucasfilm, the speakers may include:

Animators create high quality motion of computer graphics creatures, characters and objects within a shot, using a variety of animation software programs. They are responsible for the successful animation of a series of shots on a specific project.

Modelers are responsible for building a variety of creature and/or hard surface models to be used by other disciplines along the pipeline under the direction and guidance of their supervisors. They create three-dimensional hard surface models like mechanical objects, environments, and props for the Animator, Painter, and Technical Director, using specific software tools to build the geometric structure of the object and ensures that the model will satisfy the requirements of the production.

Groom Artists have an emphasis on detail, photorealism and strong workflows such as in creating character and character-based hair and fur and simulations for high-end VFX projects. They can create detailed hair and fur grooms for a wide variety of character and creature assets using proprietary software. Work alongside digital asset departments including Modelling, Texturing and Lighting.