Travelling is part of your soul

Travelling is one of the most unique experiences that a person can have. Being able to travel forms not only a part of your culture and education, but also a part of your soul. Last year, at the beginning of March, me and one of my friends from London, decided to visit Rome. Although it was in the middle of a pandemic.

To be fair, at the time we booked our holidays on December, we had no idea that a global pandemic would happen and how dangerous it would be. At the time we went, there were only a few covid-19 cases, everything was open and people were free to go anywhere. Of course, our families were really concerned, but we were really careful.

Rome is a beautiful city and we had a great time there. We visited the Vatican and we had the chance to see all those beautiful paintings and the art of the past. Of course, the Colosseum was our number one destination and so was Fontana Di Trevi.  My friend and I did a little research before going to Rome and we found out that it was best for us to get on one of those hop-on-hop-off buses. We had the chance to visit many historical places to feel like we were back in Ancient Rome.

Moreover, one of the best things in Rome was the food. We were eating pasta, pizza, and gelato all day and most of the restaurants that we visited were perfect. Although, I suggest you avoid places that seem tourist attractions because in many cases the food is bad. You should do a little research online and find places that seem to be “hidden”.

We also took a lot of pictures because Rome is one of those cities, where you have to take as many photos as you can. I loved the museums and mostly the church of St. Peter’s Basilica and, of course, the Pantheon.

The weather was perfect, and it was mostly sunny. We walked through the small roads of Rome and we flipped a few coins in Fontana Di Trevi, just to make sure that we are visiting Rome again.

I wish one day to go back to Rome and be able to visit other cities in Italy.