Tips on how to spend your covid-19 year

Coronavirus has brought confusion and big changes for all of us. Although there are things that we can and should do in order to avoid feeling bored and unproductive. Here I will try to list some of those just to give you an idea:

Be creative- Be productive:
So, in order to avoid being unproductive, you need to be productive.  What I did during quarantine, and most of my time, was to start writing stories. During quarantine, I had plenty of time and I a lot of imagination and I decided to work on my writing skills.

I also worked on my cooking skills and tried to make a cake (not the traditional birthday cake, but a cake we make here in Greece) and my photography skills by taking pictures of my family members.

Set Goals:
We all need some time to think what we want to do with our lives and what path we want to pursue. The best time to do that is now because we all have plenty of time to search inside us, focus on our desires and try to find a way to make them come true.

Setting goals for the future is very important and it gives us motivation to move forward no matter what happens.

Spend time with your family:
When I moved to London, I missed my family a lot and I realized that I did not spend enough time with them when I was home and of course it was not possible to spend any time with them when I was far away.

During Covid-19 phase, I had to come back to my home and I am trying to make the best of that time, until I go back to London.

Do the things you had no time (or energy) to do:
I always had this idea in my head to go to the gym and lose some weight, get some muscle strength, but I was bored. After a while, I was busy, and the excuses were going on and on. Now there is no excuse! I am going to the gym three days per week, taking every precaution against the virus, and working on my body because one of the goals that I have set was to stop being lazy and start exercise.

Another thing I did, and I am proud of it, is getting my driving license. Well, I don’t have it yet, but I started the procedures and I will start classes next week.

Don’t worry everything is going to work out fine.