Things to do in London: the day I decided to become a YouTuber

Sometimes moving to a new city can make you feel weird. Mostly because you don’t know anyone, or you feel that everything in your life has changed and you need to put everything in order. When I first came to London, I felt the need to do new hobbies. That’s when I started my YouTube channel.

After being two months in London, I decided that I had to take a chance and do something new, something that would help me justify my degree in journalism. After a few days I thought it wise to buy a DSLR camera and start a YouTube channel as a hobby. I had a few ideas about the theme of the channel, and I started right away. Being creative helped me with making photos for the channel and learning how to edit my videos.

For a couple of months, I was making videos, almost every week. From asking, “What’s the worst Valentine’s gift you ever received?” to interviewing street artists in London, I wanted to show people who don’t live in London, what life is like. I can say that I am very proud of all the videos that I made so far, especially of the interviews because I think that it was important to present to everyday people another version of the truth. Of course I don’t have many subscribers or views, but I did what I thought right for myself and I stayed true to journalistic identity.

After almost two months, I stopped uploading videos. I wanted to focus more on my studies and I left that part out. I wish I could do more videos about London but especially now that covid-19 still exists in London, it’s impossible to do any video. I would love to film more interviews and food reviews of restaurants in London.

My channel still exists so if you want you can have a look here


Eirini Pantelidou