Things I’ve never done in London and still regret

London is one of my favorite cities in Europe and I always dreamt about visiting it. When I decided to come and stay here, I had on my mind a few things that I wanted to do but unfortunately, I never did. I was either too busy with my classes and work, too tired or I didn’t have company.

The first thing I regret I haven’t done yet in London is visiting its famous museums, such as the British Museum, National History Museum and the National Gallery. Usually, people tend to visit museums the first or second month of relocating in a new country. That wasn’t the case for me. I moved to London in December and as people who work in hospitality know, that is the busiest month of the year and I ran out of time to visit them.

Other places I wanted to see were the Selfie Factory in O2 because it looks pretty nice on Instagram, restaurants which I also found on Instagram or I knew but they were a bit expensive like the restaurants in Heron Tower or The Shard near London Bridge. Also, I would like to visit Richmond University’s campus in Richmond, but I hope I will be there for my graduation.

Moreover, I would like to take more pictures inside the city, have a few more walks  and explore its secret passages because I’ve seen a few videos on social media and I feel so jealous that I only visited the obvious places and missed the hidden gems. London is a big city, and it’s more than it looks on the surface. There are hidden places like the secret Harry Potter alley.

I also wish I had visited more theaters. I still regret not buying a ticket for “Betrayal” starring Tom Hiddleston, and “Phantom of the Opera”. Both of those plays were taking place near my workplace. Of course, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” was also very high on my list.

The last thing I want to mention is that I always wanted to get a book and get lost in one of the city’s coffee shops and just relax.

There are tons of things I wish I had done in this city, and I hope that eventually I will have the chance of doing them.


Eirini Pantelidou