Richmond remembers Robert Mulligan

The University has recently learned of the passing of Robert Mulligan

The University has recently learned of the passing of Robert Mulligan, who was a member of Richmond’s business faculty from 1st September 1994 until his retirement on 31st December 2010.

Nick Wilkinson, Professor of Economics at Richmond, shared an office with Rob many times during his time at Richmond, getting to know him as well as most at the University. Rob was a typical blunt Yorkshireman, a legendary tea drinker, always speaking his mind, even if his opinions were not shared by others. His forthrightness was very welcome, especially during meetings as well as in discussions with colleagues and students.

Nick looked forward to seeing him during office hours when he would invariably share a joke or something funny he had come across. He would frequently advise and tutor students in the office, and his patience and understanding were obvious and well-received. This appreciation by Richmond students was evident in the meetings themselves, in the comments students made to Nick about him, and also in the many cards he received from them over the years. He maintained contact with many students after they had left Richmond, being invited to weddings in distant countries. He was clearly a loved and well-respected teacher, and was sorely missed on his retirement.

As his line-manager for a short time at Richmond, but mostly as a friend, Dr Parviz Dabir-Alai, Professor of Economics at Richmond, remembers many conversations with Rob during which he implored him not to work the very long hours he so frequently did. But Rob was always adamant that he was only doing his job…a true professional.

Rob certainly left his mark on generations of Richmond’s business students as well as on his colleagues in the faculty and staff, with whom he had a warm and friendly relationship.