The Art of Compassionate Business

Students on Richmond’s MBA programme were given an expert’s insight this week into Strategic Management courtesy of guest speaker Bruno R. Cignacco, author of, ‘The Art of Compassionate Business’.

A university lecturer for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Bruno Cignacco also runs a consultancy specialising in training with a humane approach, as well as leading another organisation specialising in international business.

In his book, ‘The Art of Compassionate Business’, Bruno Cignacco challenges the reader to change the way they perform in business situations and become more focused on the human aspects of business activities, helping them undergo a profound transformation in the way they perform in business.

His talk to Richmond MBA students covered how this approach can affect an organisation’s mission and vision, passion, business mind-set, organisational learning, improvement of business conversations, use of constructive criticism and improvement of relationships with the most relevant stakeholders such as customers and suppliers.