Summer in Greece: an unusual summer!


I hope you are all well and healthy. Summer is here and I am so excited for almost completing my postgraduate program at Richmond University. I managed to complete all my courses and I have to submit my dissertation/professional research project by the end of summer. As I am planning my holidays for this year, I had a flashback to last year’s memories and the thoughts those events have triggered, and I would like to share with you my experience in case you are thinking of going on holiday.

Last year was a bit difficult and weird for all of us. Especially for those who wanted to travel, they had to deal with the Covid-19 restrictions and the possibility of getting sick, as there was no way of testing all the people who worked in hospitality.

This summer will also be a very special summer and even though everyone wants to party and have a Covid-free holiday, there are rules that need to be followed. This week pool bars opened, and they are welcoming guests, but the no music rule still exists and makes the situation uncomfortable for everyone. Furthermore, I hope I will be able to visit a few places this summer with my friends.

This month, we will visit Italy, and I will be able to see and compare how the situation is there for visitors and locals.

I hope you guys have fun and enjoy your summer holidays.

Eirini Pantelidou